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Which is the best for SEO, Organic traffic vs direct traffic?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by alishroy, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. alishroy

    alishroy seo services affiliate

    Hello Forum Members

    I have a website and i want to know about which traffic is most useful for seo and generate more leads and sales. I will appreciate your suggestion.
  2. Voluum
  3. tamialexander

    tamialexander Affiliate affiliate

    If you want orgnic search so follow some steps:-
    #Link Identification and Analysis
    #Detecting Which Links are Bad and Good?
    #Removing Further Links
    #Writing a Reconsideration Request to Google
    #Implement a High Quality Content Creation Strategy
    #Implement a High-Quality Link Building Strategy
    #Implement Schema Markup and Rel=Author
    #Look for Big On-site Technical Wins
    #Use Advanced Keywords Research and use your Paid Search Data to Implement a Effective Long Tail Strategy
    #Monitor Everything and Continue Doing High-Quality Work
    More details about this click on this link :- Increasing Organic SEO Traffic by 400,000 Unique Visitors a Month! - YouMoz - Moz
  4. ketul

    ketul Affiliate affiliate

    According to SEO, organic traffic is good for any kind of sites. After all, by SEO, you will get rank No. 1 on search engine by particular keyword and get organic traffic by your keyword.
  5. SMG

    SMG Affiliate affiliate

    From an SEO perspective, it's less about where the traffic comes from and more about what it does when it's on your site. Cherish traffic by maximising their experience and guiding them where they will be pleased to go.

    Good user experience will be reflected in improved site authority and THIS is how you will be rewarded in search engine rankings.
  6. DexSmart

    DexSmart Affiliate affiliate

    Each business strategy is different.

    1. I sketch from zero all the work starting with the keywords analysis.
    2. Move to content/contexts/headlines.
    3. If It's a local business that's better - go with the Google map listing which is very important. If not I skip that. and go just with Google Authorship in both cases.
    4. Follow the CTA (Call-to-Action) - Link Structure (Build linking relationship between on site pages to improve linkability ) - Site architecture - Action Ratio. All need to have a very good connection.
    5. Optimize each web page using Yoast Pro or other SEO framework
    6. Tracking the performance of conversions on the site
    7. Make recommendations for off page optimization. Contact Local - Regional - National Bloggers where we can't influence anchor texts, widgets or BIOs.
    8. Start the Social Pages. Go and start campaigns by demographic areas and if possible after niche.
    9. Try to gain some influencers on our G+ page so we can have a good share integration.
    10. Community services. Integrate on top forums and actually bring value to the boards. Forget about the backlinks benefit. Actually give really good results, really good value to what we post,answer there to gain trust, awareness.
    11. Digg for natural links. This keeps the engines active no matter what.
    12. No follow attribute for all the backlinks build out there.
    13. Classic SEO momentum - Turn the CTA(Call-to-Action) to a valid Click!
    14. Distribute content. Rich content, with more than 500 words!
    15. Interact with social activity - go to charity, spread flyere, become known local - and get listed on Chamber of Commerce website!

    16. Repeat!
  7. fieldomobify99

    fieldomobify99 Affiliate affiliate

    If you want to get more and more traffic for your site via seo then you have need to get top rank on google first page and you can also get more traffic via Social Media marketing technique such as Facebook Post , Pinterest Pin , Instagram share and Google+ post etc.