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Which is Best Affiliate Network for Softwares ?


Hey there! So I want to populate my site with software and SaaS Products coupons and Deals. So I wanted to know if anyone know which affiliate network is best for software affiliates ? also If there is any other way I can populate my sites with deals and coupons of software then It will be great help!! I researched and found 3 4 networks but still I want an opinion of people who know more about affiliate related stuff!


Dojo Master
Also include SFI affiliate marketing to the list.
I haven't worked with them for many years but they used to be a MLM and sold only hard products like for beauty, health, etc. They were just getting into car wraps before I quit. You had to spend or earn a certain amount of money per month before you got paid a commission. So, you sometimes got a commision on your own money from making the minimum required purchase for items you may or may not have wanted. I assume that has changed?

Have they stopped operating as a MLM company?