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Utimate Tips for Google ads in Ecommerce Promotion(Part 1)

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by [email protected], Sep 2, 2019.

  1. rose@bluefriday

    [email protected] Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys, this is Rose, from Bluefriday, a private group for global digital marketing companies and individuals in Shenzhen, China. Super affiliates, big networks, and top advertisers are gathering here and sharing knowledge. Welcome to join our private group, we have the knowledge articles like below shared by experts every day.

    The author: Hi this is Jiabao Ye, I’m a media buyer from Shenzhen, China. A group member in Bluefriday community. I have been in this industry for several years, mainly doing google+facebook. Currently, I’m working for a Google ads agency and responsible for the ad optimization, I used to promote app/b2b/E-com/live video project, etc., and partnership with many big companies as well.

    Today I’m going to share with you my experience for running Google ads in more details, just FYI. I would love to hear from you guys and hope we can learn from each other.

    1. Search ads
    a) Focus more on auction insights, and Application for trademark protection once you found there is a competitor or some brand registration.
    b) at least 3 ads, and use keyword in the title to increase CTR and Quality Score.
    c) add Countdown for special holidays (e.g. black Friday). In addition, the title could be "BF+PRODUCT".
    d) the AD customization tool is a very cool thing, suitable for grocery
    stores or products with multiple models/brands.
    e) there must be more than 4 additional links; Additional structured summary information suitable for specific products/services; Additional price information must be used by e-commerce customers; in additional informational section, add coupons in public holidays.
    f) you can check the live ads display using the local-search-results-checker tool from brightlocal website, and you don’t have to worry why you can’t see your ads. In order to do the optimization, you have to be sensitive to the internal data performance, and also should pay attention to the external real-time display results, such as the actual display at the top of the page or at the end of the page, competitors' text and natural search results, etc.
    g) in the keyword section, a single word can be used as EM, double words can be used as PM, and multiple words/long words can be used as "+";
    h) Besides some regular stats, you should also pay attention to the Quality Score, search network impression(especially for Brand Keywords), Bounce Rate.
    j) Check ST stats frequently, you can rank them by MP/CLICK/COST/CONV, add those conversion >1 ones (cause 1 conversion might be just the outcome by chance), excluded those with high spend and zero conversion, high impressions but no clicks, and no relative.
    k) The Audience can add retargeted audience, or you can create RLSA(on the condition that the audience size is big, otherwise there will be no volume.)
    l) The display section would usually be taken by networks, so we should separate the Search and Display ads, and select the actual place for Locations; be careful when you change the Goal, cause sometimes it would cause the volume decrease to the ground.
    m) The strategy for bidding: MCPC→ECPC→TCPA(we don’t recommend to choose the last click, if your volume is big it’s the best to use data-driven, but if you have no choice you can choose time-decay/Position-based).
    n) Adjust the order in country-state-city, device-OS, etc. depends on the stats, or can also separate the ads, to exclude the bad converting ones.
    o) Make sure you use the 2 step authentication, to avoid some bad things happen.
    p) Make sure the website is indexed before use Dynamic Search Ads, the result will be better.

    1. Display Ads
    a) SDC is a quite new product, but you need a big budget and enough machine learning time and a certain volume to try;
    b) Same as search traffic, you need to keep an eye on impression share and bounce rate.
    c) I usually use RESPONSIVE DISPLAY AD more and keep CTA checked.
    d) I don’t recommend to use Keyword target, but to use CIA.
    e) Base on our experience, google’s SIMILAR(LAL)
    is not in a good result.
    f) Targeting expansion is ON by default if you promote the ads on retargeting audience make sure to turn it off.
    g) Exclude the Placements for apps, cause the performance is bad.
    h) The bidding model TCPA(Pay for Conversion) is worth trying, you only need to pay for the conversion, if you are doing branding you can use it for performance strategy.
    i) Use Frequency Capping in retargeting section.
    j) For retargeting display ads, we recommend to use dynamic retargeting, but if you are also using Smart Shopping you can close it
    cause it would affect the machine learning process.
    k) The recommendation for retargeting audience: you can use the GA to create it: 1st period, awareness: All visitors/return
    customers/interest groups/cross-channel visitors; 2nd period, consideration:High interactive customers/core page visitors/site search visitors/successful path visitors, 3rd period, conversion: machine learning list/abandon shopping cart audience/dynamic remarketing, 4th period, loyalty: multiple purchases/high LTV crowd/CRM data-based audience.
    l) Put lower budget for the mobile devices cause in the test period the cost for the ads is mostly in the mobile device.

    Leave a comment below if you want to read the Part2 of this article, or contact me via skype if you want to know more: rose.liao1102.

    Thank you.
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