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Updating our Prosper202.

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by olleper, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. olleper

    olleper Affiliate affiliate

    I see that a new version of P202 is available - Version 1.8.0.

    Is this a free upgrade - or is this where the free software stop?
    Doesn't seem like it can be downloaded - just forward to a purchase / subscription page?

    I still haven't my first version working yet.
    Still no conversions coming through into the P202 lists.

    I did find this paper by Stephen Carter - anyone read it?
    This might need to be my Christmas reading this year.

    Advanced Tracking With Prosper 202
    Advanced Tracking With Prosper 202 - Official Site


  2. terraleads
  3. prosper202guide

    prosper202guide Affiliate affiliate

    unfortunately with 1.8.0 the software has moved to customers-only status. that's too bad, i would much have preferred it stay entirely free. but 1.7.2 will always be available and for the most part just as good as the newer version - unless of course you are running a huge volume of clicks through it.

    my first volume of "Advanced Tracking With Prosper 202" is a free download. it covers the basics of what makes Prosper 202 tick. good for newbies. the other volumes are reserved for people who want to learn things that no one else is going to teach them about tracking with Prosper 202.
  4. martynm

    martynm Affiliate affiliate

    Hey, Do you have a link to "Advanced Tracking With Prosper 202" is a free download? The above one just goes to the sales page.

    Thanks martyn
  5. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    When you say you 'still haven't your first version working yet', do you mean you are having trouble setting it up or you're yet to see it in action properly?
  6. crysper

    crysper Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    I expected this from Prosper202....they operated free for a long time now is time to get some money on their side. However, Prosper is still free, just not the last version which is targeted for marketers that deal with huge volume...otherwise is the same.
  7. Tracking202

    Tracking202 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi all,

    Yes Prosper202 1.8.0 is now a paid product.

    However, I understand there are people out there that still need a free solution, so I have kept 1.7.2 free. You can download that from here: hxxp://prosper.tracking202.com/apps/download/latest

    The plan is to eventually transition 1.8.0 into a free product, but that may be a few months away after a few more new releases are out.

    If you are making money, and want the latest version of Prosper202, it's worth it to upgrade. Apart from getting all the latest stuff first, it pays for servers, developers and other stuff because no one donates :)
  8. prosper202guide

    prosper202guide Affiliate affiliate

    look for the exitpop on my site if you want to get a free copy of the first volume. the remaining volumes are not free, but worth every penny in my opinion :)

    i figured out the other day how to do p202 tracking within Facebook apps - i.e. do p202 tracking without ever leaving Facebook. so sweet. but not easy either, so i'll probably keep that one to myself!
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  9. martynm

    martynm Affiliate affiliate

    Yeh got it thanks. A very good read. Will invest in the rest when I have the spare cash!. If you get a moment can you look at my thread in this section. Titled: Is This How Prosper Works?

    Cheers Martyn

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