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Unstable conversion rate- please help

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by raiderremo, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. raiderremo

    raiderremo Affiliate affiliate

    Im running a Traffic Junky campaign, after 1 week of testing and spend over $200 got a 2 high CTR, LP and offer. Now i am facing very unstable conversion rate i,e its profitable for 1 day, next day loss, then next day break even ... can anyone suggest me how to improve or get consistent conversion rate or what elements to teat at this stage?
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  2. newbidder
  3. Vineet

    Vineet Affiliate affiliate

    Play with key words, remove bad keywords. Ad new set of keywords, make some another ad sets with good LP.
  4. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    He's talking about Trafffic Junky not a search PPC!

    Test at least 5 banners daily. Cut the non profitabke ones after spending 2-3x offer payout.
    once you have a converting banners and angle then you can start focusing split testing landing page elements and banner elements to improve your CTR.
    Once you have gathered enough data u can also use ISP targeting to target profitable ISPs.
  5. athome

    athome Affiliate affiliate

    yes, this is what I want to say to you. just test and see the result.
  6. JakeMA

    JakeMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey Raiderremo, was curious in what offer you were running? The offer can also play a big part in stable conversions. feel free to add me on skype :) jake.dean1987
  7. djcrunk

    djcrunk Affiliate affiliate

    Just like samurais live and die by the sword, affiliates live and die by the offer. I always say there are no shitty traffic sources (well a few come to mind actually lol), but shitty offers or marketers for that specific source. If there are real people clicking on that shit, there is a way to make money of them.

    You already got some conversions so, like Jakesi said, I'd rotate offers, before even touching the banners/sites, you currently have. Also always try go go after the sites with the most volume instead of ROI (in adult and if you got the budgets), cause banner blindness, copycats and saturation will be less of a factor. If I were you, I'd hit up Jakesi ASAP for a killer offer brother, before everyone and their grandmother's are running your creatives lol.

    Peace and profits, cheers.
  8. Nick AdsBridge

    Nick AdsBridge Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi, Raiderremo! Wish you good luck and all the best with your campaign :);)

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