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Travel Calls - US

♕ Lord Krafty ♕

haha nice dude what prices are you getting currently?
I have many people who need travel calls
they will start you with IVR around $7 per 50s call & check the call quality & put you on non ivr when the qualities checked.

Many networks have these, offervault gives which nets have which cpa offers which lets you get competitive rates.
I would be careful with ringpartner, they never paid me $8000 & the same with 2 friends.
contacting call center owners is the way to do this speaking from experience

& be careful with googles tracker, like 20% the calls drop sometimes, you should get your own tracker like callrail /ringba.
Flights is amazing though, I know someone who was doing $15,000+/day until google started not allowing flights company keywords & limiting flights searches a few years ago. I did good myself too :)

I am friends with the guy who owns the most call centers in India, I will give you his brothers skype if you like :)
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♕ Lord Krafty ♕

I am unsure, the keywords at google ads > search terms were flights keywords (I have a 2.5k neg keyword list) (this is how to see which keywords people actually clicked when you have broad / phraze match to people who arent familiar)
the advertiser didnt want to pay or couldnt handle the volume I think.
my other guys loved the call quality though so most likely the advertiser but its whatever :)

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RingPartner once was a trusted resource here, but about a year ago (or more) they stopped responded to members. Therefore, I removed their listing.

We do have some other reputable call centers and businesses in the field listed in our Resources area.