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TrafficHunt Ad Network

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
If you are looking for traffic for your desktop and mobile offers, it would be best to sign up with a traffic network that provides premium inventory with various traffic options. One such provider is TrafficHunt.

Established in 2014, TrafficHunt is a self-serve advertising platform that offers worldwide traffic. Our ad formats include pop-unders, banner ads, push, emails, redirects, backbuttons. Our own Members Area traffic provides only quality leads, just sign up and get the best conversion rate through the platform. So if you are looking for volume, we definitely have it.

TrafficHunt Features​

Retargeting Solution
Do you have users that already went through the funnel, but did not convert? If they failed to purchase or sign up for your offer the first time, you should not give up. Studies show that people are more likely to trust a company or a brand the next time they see it. This means conversion rates for remarketing are actually higher. The Return of Investment for ads spent on retargeting is usually at 200% or higher.

You can retarget based on a user’s previous activity, such as clicking on one of your ads, signing-up on your website, adding an item to their cart and more.

Precise Targeting
You can target users based on the following:
  • Geo
  • Platform
  • Connection (ISP or mobile carriers)
  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Browsers
  • IP Range (IPs can be blacklisted or whitelisted)
  • Sub ID
  • Language
  • Run of Network or Premium traffic
  • Day Parting
Real-Time Tracking
You can be sure that the statistics you are seeing are in real-time. There is no backtracking in TrafficHunt. Their intuitive interface also allows you to track CTR, conversions and even ROI (if you have conversion tracking enabled).

TrafficHunt Payment Options​

TrafficHunt has a minimum deposit amount of $200. They accept Paxum, Capitalist, and Wire transfer. First-time payments are done manually, wherein you send manual payment to an email address they provide, and then send an email to TrafficHunt informing them of your payment. It is necessary that you first create a campaign and have it approved before sending payment; else your account will not be funded.

TrafficHunt Benefits​

For advertisers:
1. Available formats: mobile banner, popunder, push-notification.
2. Main specialization - mobile adult traffic
3. We can target by: Geo / Day parting / Language / Browser / OS / Retargeting / Device / Carrier / Connection type / IP
4. Our own high-quality Members Area traffic which consist of an exclusive audience.
5. We support s2s pixel and retargeting pixel.
6. We work on prepayment, $200 first minimum deposit.
7. We have a variety of payment methods: Capitalist, Paxum, Wire transfer and USDT.
8. We support direct link, OpenRTB and XML integration for advertisers.
9. Despite the fact we are a self-serve platform, you will have a personal account manager assigned.

For publishers:
1. Easy to integrate. You have guaranteed support of english-speaking publisher manager, who can help you with any questions.
2. We support the OpenRTB integration.
3. You will have access to the full real-time stats and financial reports in your account.
4. Bi-weekly payouts for publishers. We pay to: PayPal, Paxum, Wire transfer.
5. Only high quality advertising materials, verified by our approval team.
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TrafficHunt Ad Network

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager

How to get profit, working with direct traffic on dating?​

What to do if performance drops because of high competition on popular sources? The best way is to find alternatives among new ones.

Users are overloaded with advertising, so it’s very important to show them only relevant content to catch their interest. We recommend paying attention to a lastclick - an ad format that is becoming increasingly popular on the TrafficHunt platform.

How does it work?

The user comes from the members' area or social sources and goes through the pre-land. At the last stage, the most interested users remain, who finally get to the advertiser’s offer. This last step, which brings the best leads, is called the lastclick.

The conversion rate of registration from lastclick traffic is about 2 times higher in comparison with other redirect formats. This traffic type is relatively expensive, but its cost is fully justified because affiliates get higher profit.

The TrafficHunt team has created a platform update - the Smart CPM option whose purpose is optimizing lastclick purchase costs. This update is based on real traffic payback and is called a dynamic bid

Let's move on to setting:​

Go to Regular Campaign using the Direct Link format. Smart CPM will be connected automatically, our team has done it for you.


A small test report so that you can visually verify the effectiveness of this feature and the prospects of the source.
Standard CPM purchase. Held from 08 to 14 March.


We connect and test Smart CPM. We analyze the received data from 15 to 27 March.


A little advice. To create a high-quality funnel, you need to use a short pre-lander - preferably a one-page, maximum 3-step. You can also refuse to use the pre-lander, since the user has already passed this stage and is ready to register.

Pre-landers we used:



Let's summarize:
Period - 08-27.03
Cost - $3162.64
Revenue - $5151.64
Profit - 1989.00$
Geo: DE
Devices: mobile
Offers: Affilli

We see that Smart CPM optimizes the advertiser's costs and allows you to achieve even higher ROI. You can hardly meet such results on standard media buy activity, without approving accounts and selecting teasers!

Rather, feel all the delights of using Lastclick from TrafficHunt on your traffic!

TrafficHunt Ad Network

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager

Looking to maximize your advertising revenue?
Look no further than our TOP CPС of the week for MA traffic! Our platform offers the best CPC rates available for the geos which are on TOP, ensuring that you get the most out of your ad space.

With our advanced targeting options and real-time reporting, you'll be able to optimize your ad campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Join our community of satisfied advertisers today and start earning more with TOP CPC of the week!

Push S1

ES 0.05$ CPC
PL 0.04$ CPC
GB 0.15$ CPC
CA 0.13$ CPC
AU 0.22$ CPC
IT 0.07$ CPC
DE 0.25$ CPC

TrafficHunt Ad Network

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
топ офферы блог.png

Dive into the TrafficHunt universe with the Top deals of the week!❤️
Try all the effectiveness of Backbutton traffic today so that you can enjoy high profits tomorrow!⭐
Our team has created the juiciest list for you, so visit our site and get the best positions

Backbutton non-premium 2 - MA and Retargeting traffic!

US web 1K daily imps x 50$ CPM
US mob 10K daily imps x 20$ CPM
DE mob 10K daily imps x 15$ CPM
IT mob 4K daily imps x 10$ CPM
GB mob 4K daily imps x 20$ CPM
FR mob 1.5K daily imps x 11$ CPM
NL mob 2K daily imps x 12$ CPM

Do you have any questions? Ask our managers and they will definitely help you to solve any problem in a quickest way ✌

Aleksandr skype: live:.cid.5f4cd85dc09c88ee
Dima skype: live:.cid.27a3aae98fd6687b

TrafficHunt Ad Network

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
new 200 blog th.png

$200 cashback waiting for you at TrafficHunt!

Get $200 to test all benefits of TrafficHunt ad formats by sending Members Area traffic from any ad network to iMonetizeIt exclusive dating offers from HOI Agency!

Simple math: every 200 leads brings you $200 cashback on your TrafficHunt account balance. The offer is available for new TrafficHunt members from May 23 to June 23

You can spend all the cashback on traffic within our platform for a month ✌ For those who wish to maximize your traffic, we recommend focusing on HOI offers at iMonetizeIt where you will have the opportunity to earn up to $5 per lead!

Buurtavontuurtje NL DOI coin male 30+
MyD*rtyNeighbor UK DOI coin male 30+
SearchingForSingles US DOI coin male 30+

+ another good news, 3 times a week payments!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask our managers and launch your ad campaign quickly! ❤️
To participate in the promotion, write to our manager.

Aleksandr skype: live:.cid.5f4cd85dc09c88ee

Dima skype: live:.cid.27a3aae98fd6687b

TrafficHunt Ad Network

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
Без имени-2.png

Hi guys! Hope you miss TrafficHunt and our fresh weekly updates!
Our team has prepared a list of TOP GEOs with their average CPM bids for Backbutton non-premium 2
This is a highly effective and popular tool on our platform
Also, Backbutton is the easiest ad format to launch, so try it on your traffic now!

US 25$ CPM
DE 20$ CPM
FR 19$ CPM
IT 13$ CPM
GB 17$ CPM
ES 16$ CPM
BE 35$ CPM

Have a question? Our managers are always here to help you!❤️
Aleksandr skype: live:.cid.5f4cd85dc09c88ee
Dima skype: live:.cid.27a3aae98fd6687b

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