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The Secret to Have 1k+ Daily Sales on Shopify Using Facebook Ads

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by [email protected], Aug 21, 2019.

  1. rose@bluefriday

    [email protected] Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everyone, this is Rose, from BlueFriday community in China. Here we are going to share some tips and experience we are doing in affiliate marketing/eCommerce/SEO etc. Just as we do every day in our private group, if you want to know more or join the group, ping me in skype(rose.liao1102) or leave a comment below. Thanks.

    We know in order to have 1k+ daily sales on Shopify, we can increase the budget and the volume on Facebook, but you might also wonder, are there any other secrets that we can use to achieve a better result?

    The answer is Yes! Here are some tips to help you get more sales, you will surely get some great results using them.

    1. Increase the targeted audience and the coverage.

    Increase the relevant and lookalike “sub-audience”.

    When you have over 100 sales per day, you should adjust the method to have more sales. Usually, in this period we only targeted the most precise audience, which usually the coverage is only around a few million, or ten million at most. If you want to have more than 1k sales daily, this volume of the audience is far away from the target, even if you make it, it’s hard to sustain it every day. Therefore, on the basis of accurate audiences, we need to add some audiences with strong relevance and high similarity, and also focus on accurate audiences.

    The basic concept and principle is: we start from the single launch of the accurate audience to increase the launch of sub-audiences similar to it. For example, we used to launch the precise the audience of t-shirts (in the stage of 100 orders a day), so we are now looking for the direction of audiences with similar interests, such as "a shirt" and “jeans”.

    There are several reasons for this:

    First of all, from the perspective of sustainable development, it is necessary to have new audiences to increase the firepower for orders. If there is only one accurate audience, it is completely impossible to meet the goal of continuous growth. Therefore, it is necessary to start from other accurate audiences with strong correlation and high similarity and dig out another audience that can make orders.

    Secondly, it is reasonable to radiate the audience direction to similar sub-audiences. In the Facebook advertising system, there is a certain overlap and interleave ratio among various audiences. In particular, the similarity between sub-audiences (such as basketball and football under the sports set) is high.

    Therefore, when an order is placed by an audience, we add sub audiences similar to it.

    2. Enlarge to its larger parent audience

    If we want to greatly increase the scale of the sales, it is inevitable to increase the scale of the purchased audience. At this stage, we should start to release a large number of the parent audience with a larger population base, so as to achieve a more explosive and stable daily sales.

    There are several ways to increase the size of a single audience, the one mentioned above is one way, and a more direct and effective way is to enlarge the precisely targeted audience to the parent audience.

    After we have done the previous step and achieved success, we will start the second step. Actually, the principle is very similar. We have been targeting targeted audiences and relevant audiences similar to them.

    For example, our previous customers are "t-shirts", "shirts" and "jeans"; Then we add "women's wear/men's wear" to which they belong. As long as the similar audiences you have previously launched are effective, the parent audiences to which you have launched them must also be effective. And because the audience size is larger, the single effect tends to be better, more stable and more lasting.

    Summarize the specific operating concepts/methods of the above two points:

    At this stage, with a base of 100 sales per day, we can double the order volume by increasing the budget.

    Since the order quantity can reach 100 orders a day, the transformation effect will be much more stable, and we can start to try to increase the order quantity. Another important reason is that, quite frankly, it is impossible to make more than 1,000 orders a day without a substantial budget increase.

    First of all, we need to significantly increase the budget for targeted audiences, and also achieve the increase of the amount of advertising through directly increasing the budget and adding new advertising series/groups.

    For example, we used to give an advertising group a daily budget of $500, so now we increase it directly to $2000. After the budget is increased, we need to copy this precise audience and create a new series/group dedicated to this audience, so as to achieve a large increase in the amount of projection. For such a series, you can directly use the series budget, the effect is usually better!

    As we dramatically increase the number of targeted audiences, we will now begin to cover similar interested audiences, known as sub-audiences.

    For example, we used to launch "t-shirts", but now we start to launch "shirts", "jeans", "skirts" and other highly relevant audiences. Because of the high correlation, the results will be better, we can start with a high budget, do not need to put a double-digit budget to do the test again. After it is effective, it will continue to increase the amount of investment in the same way.

    Finally, when the highly relevant "sub-audience" has a good single effect, we begin to radiate to the "parent audience" with larger audience size, that is the collection to which the precise audience belongs.

    For example, our "t-shirts" belong to "women's wear", and "women's wear" belongs to a large collection of "clothing". We radiate each level of the audience to a higher level after the order quantity is released step by step. For example, we first launch "women's wear", then launch "clothing", and finally derive "shopping and fashion" and other larger collections. We increase the delivery of each level of the audience in the same way, as long as the direction of the audience is not wrong, each audience will have good results.

    The audience is a decisive factor for the order. To a large extent, the number of audiences determines the quantity and sustainability of orders. Therefore, if we want to make thousands of orders for a longer time, we must have new audiences for us to use, so we need to constantly test new audiences to find new audiences.

    Specific operation: when we radiate from the precise audience to a higher level of audience collection, we will start to look for a new single audience.

    We can create a new ad set every day, in which we are testing 3-5 different audiences of interest. As long as it is effective, we will increase the launch of this audience. When a certain audience can reach more than 20 orders a day, we will start to follow the above-mentioned way to significantly increase the release, it will have a high probability to develop into a thousand orders per day important audience.

    Then we keep testing 3-5 different targeted audience every day, and over and over again, we find more new people.

    The above is the most unknown but the easiest to use "secret" in the thousands of orders per day experience, as long as we have a hundred orders per day, we can start the above steps, and then continue to repeat, complete the order volume increase, then we can achieve a virtuous cycle of "sustainable development".

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  3. dyang

    dyang Affiliate affiliate

    thank you rose
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  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    If you *de-segment an 'audience' (meaning widen to what you are calling the *parent* group) you lose the value of intent and increase advertising expense. I think that is a poor tactic unless you are paying on a CPC/PPC basis -- even then your clicks would be less intent targeted and harder to convert. You are just slapping more poop against the wall and hoping some will stick.
    The exception being CPM for wider name recognition and branding purposes. Then the expense is not Direct Ad ROI but longer term product/service ROMI.
    New customer acquisition is always needed for reasons of customer attrition also called the churn-rate. So, the customer acquisition LV (lifetime value) would determine the amount spent.

    Meaning: if I know a new customer's spend will result in $100 gross profit LV I might spend $15 or? in advertising cost to acquire that customer. This is not simplistic ROI.

    Scaling often creates a diminishing return -- great for the sellers of advertising ;)
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  5. rose@bluefriday

    [email protected] Affiliate affiliate

    Hey dude, thank you for your comment! We are always welcome different voice and feedback here!
    Here the targeting audience range we are increasing is still in the same category and the same targeting, it's to expand the population size of accurate audiences with good conversion rate, to get more impression, this is how we manage to do it to get 10k+ daily sales, the conversion rate won't vary that much. Thank you.