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The 9 Best Lead Generation (money making) Ideas For Your Blog In 2015!

Discussion in 'Lead Generation' started by Ben Foley, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Ben Foley

    Ben Foley Affiliate affiliate

    Are you really serious about learning the most effective lead generation tactics in 2015? Methods which are guaranteed to enhance your lead generation results instantly?

    By using these 9 straightforward lead generation tactics, you'll learn exactly how easy it can be to produce those leads that are like gold dust, and even better you will learn exactly how you can get them in almost no time at all!

    Okay, so before we get started… Why should you focus on improving your conversions and producing as many new leads as you can, using your blog?

    The answer is simple – More Leads = More Sales = More Money! (The Money Is In Your List!)


    1. Design – your destiny
    2. Mobile optimization
    3. Get a need for Speed!
    4. Get busy on Twitter
    Take advantage of Followerwonk
    Promote your tweets
    Twitter Lead Cards
    5. Opt-in Forms (It’s all in your list)
    Sidebar of your blog
    Within your blog post
    End of your blog post
    Feature Box
    Lightbox pop-up
    6. Go crazy for video
    Take advantage of Wistia Turnstile
    7. Target YOUR audience
    Social Media
    Web 2.0 & file sharing sites
    8. Stop selling & start helping
    9. Be persistent
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  2. terraleads
  3. thescribe

    thescribe Affiliate affiliate

    Great article! I especially enjoyed the tip about the Twitter Lead Cards. I've been looking for a ways to use Twitter more effectively lately.

    #6 - I personally hate to sit through video but the statistics don't lie. People LOVE an entertaining and informative video. Therefore, I've been sucking it up and adding more video to my sites and video sharing sites. It's working both traffic and income wise.

    Also, I think #8 is too often overlooked by online/home business owners. It seems counterintuitive, but people want to know how you can help them. Once you start providing solutions to their problems, the sales will follow.

    Thanks again!
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  4. moneymenot

    moneymenot Affiliate affiliate

    thank you for the tips, gonna do some reviews on my performance
  5. M&M

    M&M Affiliate affiliate

    Love the article. Makes a lot of sense to me. Now I just gotta try it.

    Thanks, Mike
  6. asifshabir

    asifshabir Affiliate affiliate

    Would you please explain this
  7. Emily White

    Emily White Affiliate affiliate

    Are these tips will work for all kind of services or for some specific services, as I am connected with a web design company, so i want to know that can I generate leads with follow these tips.
  8. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Found this by doing a search - Wistia Product Features

    It's video hosting. They have a free plan.
  9. zexxerus

    zexxerus Affiliate affiliate

    It's a feature of their video player and basically what it does is it allows you to show a CTA to collect emails for example. Brian Dean comes to mind, he is using this feature in some of his videos on his blog. I think he posted also a case study about it.

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