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Started my journey with Sweeps and got strange results so far

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by UncleScrooge, May 22, 2017.

  1. UncleScrooge

    UncleScrooge Affiliate affiliate

    Vertical - Sweeps (Phone)
    Geo - Brazil

    I asked my AM for good converting offer, grabbed good converting LP from Adplexity (even showed it to AM to check if its really good).
    Altered the page a bit.
    Ordered translation on Fiverr (English to brazil portuguese)
    Hired a programmer to check code for backdoors, etc and clean it up a bit.
    Uploaded landing on AdsBridge editor and hosted it with them.

    Did some research and chose PropellerAds instead of PopAds to start.

    This is where it began...
    For the offer i chose, the traffic was really expensive and almost nowhere to find more then 5k-10k impressions/day (specific carrier on 3g). Also the price was around $2 CPM. With 0,20 payout that seemed... Well, too much.

    So i took another offer, that allowed WiFi traffic for all carriers and had a payout of $0,45

    Day 1.
    Started with 0,5 CPM, though it was almost lowest bid level with lowest amount of traffic available.
    Test budget was $10/day.
    Made it run for 1 day, got CTR around 1% and CR around 1/55 (every 55th click convert). Received 6 So epc was around $1 while 100 clicks on the other hand costed me $5.

    Affiliate network data showed that my EPC is normal. So problem was my CTR (impressions to clicks).

    Day 2.
    First i tried to lower the bid. Made it $0,3 instead of $0,5. Propeller told me i will get zero traffic. Though in fact i got tons of traffic within 12 hours and 0 conversions.

    Ok, i thought. maybe lower bid gave me really crappy traffic.
    i topped the bid to $1,14 and let it run for another 12 hours.

    Got around 200 clicks with 0 conversions. WTF?

    So in the end my EPC dropped to $0,55 (which is still higher then offer payout = $0,45) and CR to 1/88 (every 88th click convert). I spent around

    • Did i made everything wrong with testing? (i chose 1 landing page that i supposed should convert instead of 3-4 landing pages)
    • Is it ok to change bid within 12-24 hours or did i messed everything up with too much changes within short amount of time? (heard you need to let it run for 2-3 days after changing anything)
    • What you recommend to increase CTR? I suggest if CR is ok, then landing is good. If CTR is not good, then probably problem is with traffic?
    • What other changes/tests you recommend?

    If anyone interested, i can start a thread in "Affiliate Journeys", but i have no successes to share at the moment i am afraid))
  2. AdCombo
  3. UncleScrooge

    UncleScrooge Affiliate affiliate

    Looks like also there was a problem with offer, and i was told by AM that i got better CR then average...

    So i moved to another offer.

    But here we go.
    I tested another offer.
    Got CR 1/11 and CTR (impressions to clicks) around 1,1% which is "normal" for the mainstream i was told.
    BUT. with lowest Brazil traffic cost on PropellerAds = 0,5 (and i got very few impressions with this price) and very low payout of $0,22 i cant figure out how on earth i can be profitable, since even with my good conversion rates i still get -51% ROI.

    Are tier 3 countries only good for testing in this case? And as soon as i discovered a successful working chain "landing+targeting, etc" i should move it to offer with high payout?

    What i need to do in this case, pals?

    Advice is more then welcomed!
  4. UncleScrooge

    UncleScrooge Affiliate affiliate

    Wow. 3 full days and not even one reply.
    Though theme is quite detailed, full of data and serious questions.

    Dont know why everyone ignored my plea for advice.
  5. Bloody Tourist

    Bloody Tourist Well-Known Member affiliate

    I'm sorry but I don't have any experience with sweeps in tier 3 countries. But with a $0.22 payout I can imagine it would be very hard to get profitable.
  6. Daria_WapEmpire

    Daria_WapEmpire Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    It seems to me you don't have a good balance between your traffic costs and offer's payout. Try good converting offers with payout of $0.6-$1.5, you can find them at WapEmpire, for example ;)
  7. UncleScrooge

    UncleScrooge Affiliate affiliate

    So... i tried new, high payout offer for Italy (around $9).
    Used same landing i used for Brazil, though with some small tweaks and professional translation of course.
    Launched on PropellerAds.
    And... for 36 hours i got 7k views with... 2 clicks! 2 clicks! WTF?
    I can understand 0 conversions, its fine, its testing.
    But 2 clicks for 7k views? How that could be? I checked on Adplexity - there are plenty of well-doing similar landing pages in Italy.

    What conclusions i should make, guys?

    • Maybe PropellerAds gave me shitty traffic so CTR was almost 0 (though same concept gave CTR 1,1% in Brazil) and i need to try other traffic sources
    • Maybe Sweeps have 0 CTR in Italy (doubt that, cause plenty of sweeps landings in Italy according to Adplexity), so i made a mistake going there
    Suggestions? Opinions?
  8. chervenkov

    chervenkov Affiliate affiliate

    Change the traffic source maybe :)
  9. UncleScrooge

    UncleScrooge Affiliate affiliate

    Decided to continue with PropellerAds, and next day CTR become 0,35% (from 0,05%) but still 0 conversions.
    Spent: $20 (offer payout: $9,6)
    So far 0 conversions.

    Also, lowest possible traffic price went up. From $1,15 to 1,79 so in the end i'm not even reaching daily cap ($12)

    There was a recommendation to run test until you get 70-100 clicks. But is there any sense to run even a test campaign if you still get 0 conversions?
    Offer was new, so there was no data on whether its good or not. Judging by target page, it should work ok.