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SMS is the best choice for mobile marketing

Onbuka SMS

(1) Low cost: SMS prices in the market range from about 3 to 8 cents, the cost is low.
Compared to other promotional and marketing means, it can be said to be a very low-cost marketing means in the market at present.
(2) High arrival rate: Due to the various apps on the current mobile phone, the frequency of using SMS verification has increased.
Most people do not use security software to block the receipt of SMS, and most SMS messages reach customers.
(3) Strong completion rate: the number of texts carried by an SMS is around 60~70, and most people can read this number of texts at a glance,
and customers can basically read the information about our activities.
The message is effectively focused on the information to be expressed within a specific number of words, and the completion reading rate is very strong and efficient.
Overall, SMS, email and other multi-channel marketing strategies are still the first choice for mobile marketing.
SMS is the best choice for mobile marketing due to its low price and high effectiveness.

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SMS prices in the market range from about 3 to 8 cents, the cost is low.

That's because it results in low conversions. It is not the best for cold marketing. It can be made to work, but people are providing more complaints about sms than a marketer achieves in conversions. SMS is best for ongoing customer support, customers that have opted in for it.


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He keeps hyping sms ... I see some ulterior motive in this.
Most first world mobile carriers are filtering sms spam or even the people that I have authorized to use sms --medical appointments, banks, brokers have ISP authorizations requested sometimes.

Maybe, he's talking in markets that are Tier 2 or 3?