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  1. RoyalAds.net

    RoyalAds.net Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    RoyalAds.net submitted a new resource:

    RoyalAds.net - Traffic broker - RoyalAds Ad Network

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  2. newbidder
  3. RoyalAds.net

    RoyalAds.net Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate



    We looking forward to doing business with you.

    Last edited: Mar 23, 2016
  4. IndeXer

    IndeXer Affiliate affiliate

    I am an advertiser and want to change my network, will test your network now.

  5. gusta

    gusta Affiliate affiliate


    Hi everyone,

    I sent 1.2 million traffic to test for 2 days ROYALADS.NET , $ 1,200 account balance occurred around. At the end of the first day via skype sales.royalads.net. I asked, how do you satisfied with the quality? and he did not leave me the answer. At the end of the next day, I wanted to pay. Despite requests repeatedly do, I saw that my account banned. then he said to me, the quality of your traffic is very low, he said traffic source shouldnt be another trafficbroker or should network, but I said to him; my traffic source is my own sites and our network. He agreed to try it anyway.

    but later they said; you was banned for sending bots traffic. as a result, throwing blame on me, did not pay the money I sent the traffic. make matters worse, they insulted cheater saying.

    You decide who the scammer. get a warning from me to everyone.
  6. Berez1

    Berez1 Affiliate affiliate

    whats your traffic source was?
  7. RoyalAds.net

    RoyalAds.net Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hi everyone,

    gusta mentioned topic where I've already replied and there is one more (gfy.com/traffic-trades-gallery-requests/1184790-royalads-net-scammer.html)
    The traffic was 100% bots, he bought it from other network.

    He don't want to provide any info about his sites or sources where he bought traffic.

    If anybody likes to get information about this case, please feel free to contact me
    skype: sales.royalads.net
    icq: 655 669454
  8. RoyalAds.net

    RoyalAds.net Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Recent features and improvements


    At last, we've rolled out IP Range targeting for campaigns.(Available formats or CIDR
    If you don't want to use our 3g mobile carrier targeting and have your own IP ranges, now you can use it for filtering traffic.

    We've added a planner which can be used for getting estimated volumes for different targetings (adding campaign form, button "IMPRESSIONS BY SELECTION")
    Our current overall volumes is here (royalads.net/volumes.html).

    List of niches has been broadened.


    The Ad Spaces has been added. You can send traffic from one site to different links or use clickunder code (for ex. if you like to separate mobile/desktop traffic, HQ/LQ or send niched traffic)

    Landing Options has been added. Publishers can choose what landing options are appropriate for their traffic.

    You can send your funds to your advertiser's balance.

    If you want to change amount of payment or method, you can cancel pending payment order.

    General improvements

    Users are able to get emails when status of their campaigns has been changed or balance is almost empty.
    It can be configured in your profile.

    Landing options have been moved to landing instead of campaign settings

    We have a referral program. You can get 6% of advertisers' spendings and publishers' earnings.

    Best regards.
  9. RoyalAds.net

    RoyalAds.net Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Recent features and improvements

    Payment methods update

    We have added BitCoin as a new payment method.
    So we accept Paxum, Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney - all these methods have been automated for advertisers.
    Just tell you affiliate manager to activate method you prefer and after that all your payments will be processed automatically.

    3rd-party conversion tracking
    As advertiser now you can track conversions in external systems.
    To enable this feature you need to do these three steps:

    - Add the parameter [$click_id] to your landing url
    example: ?external_system_param_name_click_id=[$click_id]

    - Set up our postback url in external system.
    URL: royalads.net/postback/[$click_id]?revenue=[$money]

    - Enable feature on the page royalads.net/ui/panel.html#/profile/info/
    (Enable conversion tracking)

    After this you will be able to see two additional columns in advertiser statistic (Conversions and Revenue)

    Best regards
  10. Elena Babka

    Elena Babka Affiliate affiliate

    Which countries have the most traffic?
  11. RoyalAds.net

    RoyalAds.net Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    BlackFriday deal!
    We will add 30% to any payment done until the end of the week.

    If you are going to attend Affiliate World Conference (ASIA), ping me up in skype.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2016
  12. RoyalAds_Support

    RoyalAds_Support Affiliate affiliate

    Dear partners!

    RoyalAds Ad Network is actively developing and attracts both publishers and advertisers. We are constantly working on updating the system, making it more better for you, as well as increasing traffic volumes.

    Last news:

    - Interface translated to russian language, in future will be translations to other languages
    - Added calculator of % of the traffic you get for the specified targeting, depending on the bid
    - Fixed some problems with estimating traffic volumes, now everything works correctly
    - We made opportunity to credit payments through the ADVCASH system, while in manual mode. Soon there will be Epayments and Yandex Money
    - We added Telegram channel - please connect to us - t.me/royalads

    Volumes, for yesterday:

    Desktop traffic, TOP 10 countries:

    TH - 21725
    CN - 17196
    US - 9761
    VN - 8937
    HR - 8756
    BR - 7963
    BG - 7853
    IN - 7322
    MK - 7113
    GE - 4469

    Mobile traffic, TOP 10 countries:

    GB - 166424
    MX - 135138
    DE - 133180
    IN - 117525
    BR - 114369
    JP - 94557
    RU - 92781
    FR - 66374
    NL - 64108
    UA - 63577

    For other countries, you can see traffic volumes here - royalads.net/volumes.html. Please note that the volume is not static, but it can change.

    For any questions you can always contact support, contacts (email & skype) of your manager are indicated in the admin panel.
    If you are not sign in, the main page has online support, which also can answers all your questions.

    Sincerely, RoyalAds team.

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