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Recommend Me a Good and Supportive Affiliate Finance Affiliate Network/Program?


Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a affiliate program solution for the following verticals:

Home Purchase
Home Equity
Debt Consolidation
Student Loan
Payday Loan
Automotive Loan

That offer the possibility to have forms displayed on site and have good payouts and fantastic support!

I'm looking for a Program/Network that helps out as much as possible to get you started right in regards to form integration.

Personal attention is important!

Whom to turn to?

Thanks in advance!

Linda Buquet

Hi Edwin,

Sorry I could not answer your question by PM, thanks for posting your question publicly.

Clickspeed is great, but right now I think they only have auto and payday.

In the past I thought I had heard good things about the other program you mentioned in your PM. There is another company that's similar and I've scoured my bookmarks and can't find them. One of the benefits to the company you mentioned is that they resell the lead several times and you get paid for each lead they sell so you can make a lot more potentially per lead than you could with a standard program that only pays a flat 10 per lead or whatever.

I'll try to look some more to find that other lead marketplace.


Thank You Linda for coming back to me once more :) - I have bumped into to two other similar solutions:

One of those two ring a bell perhaps? Or did you recall another solution?