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Quick Introduction from RevClicksMedia

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RevClicksMedia, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hello All,

    I am initiating this thread to conduct an introduction of myself and my company since I will passionately be active collaborating with others and sharing my knowledge on this forum on a daily basis.

    My Name is Kariim ( pronounced as Kareem ) and I am the Owner of RevClicksMedia Network which is your standard private CPA network . Our Corporate Headquarters address is 103 Oakmont Dr, Suite 2, Greenville, NC, 27858. I have been active in the affiliate marketing world for a few years as well as erudite knowledge on the advertiser side.

    Now I know most of you are probably going to ask what the difference is with RCM versus all other networks - well besides exhibiting the same business model, we engineered this company based on fostering long term business partnerships and trust. Let me elaborate on that instead of just saying it to look good - We are seeking to form an alliance inside of our network, working closely with our selected qualified publishers to exchange ideas, campaigns and assist in the development and growth of each others campaigns . Yes we still run our own campaigns. Also getting to know your publishers more in depth helps open up doors to more business ventures and if displaying integrity, honesty and ultimately building trust, then we can as a team prosper together collectively in this industry.

    One form of Building trust is by enabling an affiliate to TEST run traffic for a few months - subsequently increasing traffic levels and lead volume once they consistently see payments to their accounts. We know how it is to not be paid and we are not going to be categorized as a network that does not pay. Long term business stands out more then a short term pay cut to an affiliate.

    Test us out - send a small amount of traffic - see if your traffic sources convert with our offers then wait for payment then gradually scale with us. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with working with the RCM family.

    Here are a few things we can offer your affiliate business - Honesty and integrity a must - Personalized relationships = key to long term publisher retention - High converting offers, and if we do not have it please request it and you will see that we work diligently at beating your current payout or at least matching it - If asked - we will personally succor you in scaling your campaigns - If new, then we will place aside time to help introduce the ins and outs of the business, where to start and setting up your first campaign - We have Reliable and unparalleled tracking abilities since we utilize the cake marketing platform, which we all know the majority of the huge networks are switching to - New offers daily and insight on what is working best and what is new and hot - Strong financial backings as we have a good amount of financial reserves to be able to pay our proven legitimate affiliates if advertisers do not pay - Payments are on a net 15 basis to start ( more so net 20 for clearing time and processing ), then the ability to move to bi weekly and weekly when you have proven credibility within our network. We do require all tax docs before any payment is sent.

    RCM is very vigilant against affiliate fraud and unfortunately its a never ending plague in this industry. Once you fill out an application - the system will dynamically send you a questionnaire that you have to answer in great detail and provide at least two verifiable network references or screen shots. We then review the application and questionnaire before deciding if we want to do a phone interview with the potential affiliate partner so be prepared for a few verification steps. We are very serious about our business and want only serious affiliates to partner with us. This helps us gather in only serious affiliates that we can verify have sent quality traffic to other networks and are looking to build a serious partnership with RCM.

    Payment methods are standard via paypal, check, direct deposit or bank wire.

    Furthermore, I am available pretty much 24/7 as when I do leave the office, I assign my aim(RevClicksMedia) to my iphone in case an affiliate needs assistance and I check my email hourly when at home. Of course affiliates are given my direct office line and cell phone number.

    To sum it up, I will be active here checking this thread daily for any posts, comments, feedback and also responding to other threads helping out as much as I can and collaborating with other members seeking one goal in mind - MAKING TONS OF MONEY.

    Come hustle Hard with RCM. I am a very easy going guy with tons of money making ideas that work and is inspired to always take business to the next level!
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    Welcome Karlim, great information here be sure to add your site to the network ranking list and update your thread with all your network news!