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PR Question ?


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Hi all im currently running an english soccer fan site which went from PR0 to PR3 on the last update, ive currently got 197 back links and 1010 pages indexed in google.

My Question is whats best ?

Buying 4 - 5 PR7 Links or getting loads and loads of PR3 or 4 Links , id like to be able to get PR5 or 6 for the next update....

Also when is the next update ?

I havent got a big budget so is there such thing as cheap PR7 links that will help ?

Thanks for any info peeps :D

Linda Buquet

"Buying 4 - 5 PR7 Links or getting loads and loads of PR3 or 4 Links , id like to be able to get PR5 or 6 for the next update....

Also when is the next update?"

Not sure about the answers above BUT...

Relevant links are the best. If you get a PR7 from a general news site, not sure how much that will help your soccer site's PR. Have you tried commenting on relevant blogs, english soccer forums? Check Yahoo answers and social sites where you can post advice and your link.


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Hi linda yeah i do what you said every week 2 or 3 times , apart from the blogs but ive started to do that today and managed to get another 2 members out of it so i will carry on doing it :)

Thanks for the reply


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Getting a small number of high quality links is better than getting a large number of low quality links. So go with the PR7 links.


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A Suggestion that has logic behind it.

Getting high pr sites to rank to you is not as important as the quality of the link. I wrote an article a few months ago and this is one location that is is published on the web. When it first got its page it was a pr0 and now it is a pr3. So my pr0 link is now a pr3, just takes some time. here is a link to it Without a Throne of Links-King Content Has Nowhere to Sit in the SEO Kingdom

Now , the beauty of articles is in the format of the article. Links are assigned value buy about 100 different factors. Having your key word or words in the title, content and placement of the link on the page are a few. The number 1 reason i suggest articles is that you controll the title of the page, most places that publish an article use the title of the articl as the title of the page. Notice that my keywords are in the title, the keywords are also in the content and in the resource box.

Most people think it has to be from a related site but value comes from the page, not the site that the link is on and the pr of the page, if this were not true then there would not be a PR assigned to all indexed pages, not the pr of the index page if your link is on another page.

I would suggest a stable and consistent article marketing campaign, and i would submit to as many directories as you can, the internet is all math, a numbers game.

You can get filthy rich on the net if you actualy think things through and use some common sense.