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Pets Warehouse "Everything for Your Pet"


Pets Warehouse? (Pet supplies, over 40,000 supplies available Long Island, New York), the premier pet and pet supply company, today announced the re-launch of its Pets Warehouse Affiliate Program with, as an exclusive merchant.

Pets Warehouse has solidified itself as the World's Largest Online Pet Supply Catalog. A leading provider of aquarium fish tanks, tropical fish and supplies for aquariums, dog supplies, cat supplies, _ pet bird supplies, small animal supplies and reptile supplies, offering 43,000 pet products
Our niche is primed for this type of move and potential for our affiliates is unlimited. What sets this affiliate program apart is the vast product availability, no one comes close and we even ship saltwater & tropical fish to the customers' door"

Our affiliates benefit by being able to offer more pet products from our vast catalog data base. According to pet industry Pet industry statistics over 63% of U.S. households own a pet or aquarium, which equates to 71.1 millions homes. Therefore, the affiliate opportunity to appeal to a huge audience is fantastic.

High Ticket Items: For those of you looking to earn serious commissions, we’ve got the items for you to advertise. Aquarium Set-ups. The average ticket is on the low of $1000 and upwards $3000.

Live Saltwater Fish, Corals and Live Rock: the average ticket is $300 and upwards to $800.

There are other sub-niche areas within our database, Ask Us!

Datafeed and Product-Image Links: 43,000 items are available in our database. Almost 30,000 have product images and over 15,000 have super descriptions. This is by far the largest pet feed in the world. In fact we have more pictures then our competitors have products.
Banners: We have a bunch of banners for you to utilize. In fact our IT department recently developed a super flash banner in time for this launch.
In fact, we are willing to make custom banners for any high traffic affiliate.
Monthly Coupons and custom coupons are available
Widgets soon!

TIERED INCENTIVES(by monthly sales)

Exclusive Pet Merchant
9 % Base Payout <$2,000
10% >$2,000

8 % Base Payout >$3,500
9% $3,500 - $5,000
10% >$5,000

90 Day cookie

On Auto deposit

Join our Program

I'd also like to take this opportunity to introduce my new full time AM Ryan Honan.
He's working directly with myself on the re-launch of our program.

Feel free to contact him with any questions or issues.
Ryan at 800.991.3299


Thanks Linda.
As far as SAS yes we needed to breakaway from our in-house program which amounted to be a lot of work managing all the sales and commissions.

Migrating our existing affiliates will take a little time but the SAS team can do that management task now for us now.

Long time since I visted here, just a quick update all is going great we are placing about 25 new coupons each month on SAS.

We are also in the Bounce program and we have a rock solid database with over 40,000 products. The largest DB in this verticle.

Linda Buquet

Definitely think it's worth it. Paying for a booth? That depends.
But going to learn, network and recruit and to build your brand in the
affiliate community - very worthwhile.

Linda Buquet

Not sure about that one. I haven't been to one of those.
Shawn is a super straight shooter though and I'm sure he'd tell you what it's like.