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Gold Part 3/14 Facebook Case Study.

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by williamrs, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    PART 3

    Choosing offers

    There are many different types of offers that you can promote on Facebook. However, I am a strong believer that people should take an easy route when getting started and just go with the more advanced campaigns after mastering the traffic source and gaining experience.

    That said, the easiest offers to promote on Facebook are things that people can complete instinctively, without having to think too much.

    This rule pretty much kicks away offers that require a CC# such as free trials, long forms, large downloads, etc...

    You can promote some of these things on Facebook with the right strategy, but that would be a tough battle for a beginner, so, unless you already have good experience with facebook ads, stay away from them.

    That said, I strongly recommend you to go with one of the following verticals/offers:

    Online games

    Gaming offers are probably the easiest start on Facebook. Focus on on free lead gen offers that convert upon a 1st or 2nd page submit. DOI (email confirmation) offers are usually tougher, so prefer SOI (no email confirmation) offers when it's possible.

    Don't promote things that are related to gambling, that look shady or that require a toolbar download.

    Freebies, coupons, vouchers

    Avoid the shady/suspicious offers that tell people that they will win n iPhone ot iPad. Focus on the more realistic and transparent ones for grocery coupons, free tickets for games, etc...

    It's advisable that you use a landing page and make it clear that there are some requirements for people to win the gift.


    I usually tell people that long forms and offers that make people go through more than 2 pages aren't good, but some surveys can be exceptions.

    If the survey is interesting or offers a good reward for people who complete it, it can be worth a shot.

    Also, for those who like incent offers, promoting surveys that allow incentivized traffic and offering people nice gifts for completing the survey can be a good strategy.

    My favorite vertical on Facebook is gaming, so for the purpose of this case study I'll use a gaming campaign that I ran a few months ago as an example.

    Along the next chapters I'll continue to use this campaign to illustrate the process, but I would like to ask you to, please, DO NOT COPY THE CAMPAIGN.

    First, because it is already a few months long and it may produce different results now. Second, because even though I am asking people not to do so, some guys will certainly copy the campaign and will saturate it.

    So, feel free to create similar campaigns, but don't copy the one I'll be showing as an example.

    The offer I used for the campaign was this one:

    Name: The Settlers Online
    Payout: $1.75
    Country: Germany
    Conversion: 1st page submit

    (the original page was in german, but I put the english version above to make sure that everybody can read the content)

    This is a simple offer that was easy for me using a similar game as the angle... but this is different story and we will talk about it in the next chapters!


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  2. terraleads
  3. arunk89

    arunk89 Affiliate affiliate

    Great post !!!Worth staying awake!!!

    Did you use LP or direct link? Do we need to pre-sell a game using LP?

    And how do you target games? It is so huge genre that unless for popular games like FIFA, NBA, Halo, etc, it is difficult trying to target the niche audience who might be interested in that particular game.
  4. Huw Hughes

    Huw Hughes Affiliate affiliate

    nice one again pal
  5. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I am glad you're enjoying the case study!

    Yes, I did use a landing page and I do it with most of my campaigns.

    The next chapters will cover targeting as well as landing page and ads, so stay tuned and you will learn exactly how I do it. ;)
    arunk89 likes this.
  6. David Graham

    David Graham Affiliate affiliate

    This is awesome stuff William.... looking forward to completing the case study
  7. ns7000

    ns7000 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for this case study
  8. mastermind97

    mastermind97 Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome gold nuggets William. My question is direct linking or LP which convert better or do you suggest cloaking
  9. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Cloaking works, but it is in the grey area.

    Regarding LP x direct linking, I definitely recommend using LPs. That won't just lower the chances of your account being banned as will also increase your conversion rate.

    Have a look on part 6 for more details. ;)
    mastermind97 likes this.
  10. Naawgeshh Kumarr

    Naawgeshh Kumarr Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you William for putting up this whole Facebook series on this forum!
  11. Samith Pich

    Samith Pich Affiliate affiliate

    Very very cool William!
  12. TheDanmit

    TheDanmit Affiliate affiliate

    If i am looking for offer what are valid requirements like CR? EPC ??Is possible to turn in profit SOI offer with EPC 0,06 for tier one country? @williamrs
  13. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I don't recommend you to take the network EPC into serious consideration. That's the average of all affiliates and includes traffic from many traffic sources. Also, some people may be using bad or spamming strategies and sending thousands of visitors with a crap conversion rate.

    If the offer looks good, has a decent payout and seems to fit your campaign, I suggest you to test it even if the network EPC is bad.
    TheDanmit likes this.
  14. salpha

    salpha Affiliate affiliate

    I begin to love Affiliatefix and the Community... :)

    Thanks William for the series of case study you posted here. Great contents.

    Where do you normally get the images for facebook ad that relevant to the offer you promoted?
    K likes this.
  15. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    There are different ways to do it.

    One is to use images of the game and ask the advertiser authorization to do so (they are usually ok with this).

    Another route is to use free stock image sites, but then you have to spend a lot of time to find some good images... it's possible, but definitely not a super easy task.

    Finally, you can do like many marketers and use Google. This is certainly not the most ethical thing, but due to the huge amount of ads that we need to test with a campaign, many marketers go for this. I have never seen anyone getting into troubles because of this (although I believe it is possible), because the images are just used in small ads that run for a few days, but it's up to you to decide whether you want to do it or not.
  16. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    @williamrs when you choose your fb offers what network do you work with? just like to hear your suggestion to networks to join for newbies when doing fb

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