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Our experience in driving traffic to South Africa: interracial dating, mobile traffic in the 18+ category and unoccupied niches


I promised in the discussions that I would continue to share my experiences. Today I will go through the features of driving traffic in South Africa, which my team and I discovered from our own experience. But first, here’s some general information on the country and its population’s preferences.

The Republic of South Africa (RSA) is the most popular and solvent GEO in Africa with a population of over 60 million people.


The average income is quite high - 24 000 ZAR per month, which is roughly $1500.
According to statistics, the local population spends about 12 hours a day online, preferring mobile data.

The TOP 5 websites: Google, Facebook, YouTube,, Note that many popular portals in the 18+ category are in the top 20 list.

Residents of South Africa are big-time online buyers. White-hat commodities (such as quality clothing, interior items, gadgets, accessories, household appliances and white-hat nutra) hold leading positions among verticals. Gambling offers and adult content are also in high interest.

To get profit in the South African market and maintain high competition, it is essential to study the main triggers of the South African TA. Traditionally in this GEO, you can draw attention with a notice about free shipping, discounts, loyalty programs and a return policy if the buyer didn’t like the product. The local population loves such services. This is why mentioning free slots and other bonuses will increase your conversions when you’re promoting gambling offers.

What you should pay attention to when designing creatives – our experience​

South Africa's history has a number of rough patches, which the local population tries to avoid mentioning. For example, the period in which the white population oppressed black people and evicted them outside the cities. This is why you’re better off placing black girls in almost any of your creatives. For instance, in one of our recent test runs on push, InPage and banner ads in the fully-managed network MyBid, our team made a mistake by focusing on European-looking girls in adult creatives. Even with a minimal auction bid of $0.0043 we had a lot of clicks, but the conversions were terrible due to the creatives and landing pages with no black girls.

After testing and scrupulously studying creatives through spy services, we found out that the issue of racism in the GEO is as relevant as ever and the situation is only getting worse. Jokes or allusions to skin color are unacceptable. People try to avoid mentioning racial differences, so as not to offend others. Based on this, it is still widely assumed that white people are rich.
In all creatives you should put prices in ZAR, as this country has strict regulations in terms of foreign currency. It is prohibited to use foreign currencies to pay for goods and services.

What else to pay attention to in an ad campaign in RSA​

Emphasize on using the most popular local languages in South Africa. You can run your ad campaign in isiZulu, isiXhosa and English.
Private healthcare is expensive and not everyone can afford it. That’s why state clinics have such long queues. Healthcare quality is at a decent level, but due to the large number of patients, doctors can’t spend as much time on each patient. There is also a problem with medicines. By the way, this is one of the reasons, one of our buyers set off in search of a suitable insurance offer for this GEO, as advised by a MyBid manager. So, maybe we’ll release a good case soon.

RSA is a country of superstition and traditions. The majority of the population believes in spirits and ghosts, so you can go ahead and promote amulets from local healers. The competition in the adult niche is insane in this GEO because the market is filled with large-scale players. A rookie doesn’t stand a chance. Working with FB yields very low conversion, so the ideal option for getting cheap traffic is working with advertising networks. However, this topic is very hot. Everything that relates to male health is also popular. Pay attention to potency remedies, supplements for male virility and personal hygiene.


South Africa isn’t an easy GEO for a starting affiliate, due to the risk of blowing your budget into thin air. However, experienced webmasters will find South Africa to be a real gold mine. Thanks to a high living-standard you can make a lot of profit. It is essential to consider various nuances that are commonplace for Africa’s largest and most-developed country. Don’t forget to use inexpensive and verified ad formats: push, native, banners, pop-ups and InPage.
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