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One Woman Show - is this normal

Sarah Prater

New Member
I need to find out how many other affiliate managers are in my shoes and whether I'm swimming up stream as much as it seems sometimes - or if it really just seems that way.

I am the only dedicated employee for the affiliate program I manage. I have talked with several very successful and knowledgable players in the affiliate and Internet world - many of which have been very surprised at my position. Are any of you the only dedicated employee for your program?

When I say this I want to clarify - I do have a supervisor and bosses above her who are ulitmately responsible for the affiliate channel - but it's all in my court to learn everything that needs to be learned and apply all information and resources to make this thing succeed. No one else here knows much if anything about affiliate marketing - in fact many in the company don't even realize we have an affiliate program.

There are also several lateral positions that I can utilize for minor assistance - but I have to instruct them point by point for any task I might be delegating. Almost not worth the effort for the time it takes to explain and check the work.

I have remained optimistic - but admit that I came to this position with no knowledge of what affiliate meant and basic experience in the skill sets required for the job. I have increased sales significantly for every month compared to sales that same month the year before....but, really, shouldn't I have a bit more support here?

Linda Buquet

Hi Sarah,

I feel your pain I really do and you aren't alone. This is a very typical scenario!

When I was eCommerce manager for a company I started their affiliate program, managed it on top of all of the other hats I wore. I did all the PPC, SEO, managed the web design devision, wrote the compnay newsletter and also managed the web customer service department. (returns, bad credit cards, customer servive email questions, etc.)

As they kept piling on more responsibilities I found I only had 10 minutes a day for the affiliate channel IF I was lucky.

So I QUIT and started my own affiliate management company. Now I don't do management any more. I specialize in recruiting, promotion and PR. But I am still a one woman show - only I am my won boss and every single thing I do helps my company grow not his!

Not saying you should quit, just sharing my story. Do you belong to Shawns forum? There was a similar question a few months ago and some good discussion.

Sarah Prater

New Member
One Woman continued

I was in Shawn's forum until he redesigned it and started charging the $5 a month. There's another problem - no budget for stuff like that. Maybe if my next set of plans boosts the program the way I think it will - I'll be worth another fiver!

Thanks for your reply!

Linda Buquet

FYI for opp to network with other AMs its worth 5 a month to invest in yourself and your learning curve.

Too bad that many times the AM channel is like the poor step child and does not get the time, attention, support and $$ it needs.