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OK, I am doing this CPA Thing for real.

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by MarkHamilton, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. MarkHamilton

    MarkHamilton Affiliate affiliate

    Hello all,
    My name is Mark Hamilton and I am going to start doing marketing, so this is the start of my Case Study.
    I have read the Newbie 411 Guide.
    I have decided to start with the SEO traffic source.
    I have already been accepted in MaxBounty, with Adam M as my manager. (this done some time ago - but I never did anything with it)
    I have looked over the offers at MaxBounty and have a few ideas of what I want to do.
    I have my hosting set up - but I have not purchased a domain name yet - as I have a question.
    I am not sure if going very specific for a website focus and domain name is best - or to go more general and put different offers on the website is best.
    In other words - using examples - is it better to go Domain name - diablo3cheats.com and then the website is TOTALLY oriented to Diablo 3 Gaming (articles, reviews, data, etc ) and the one offer for that - OR -
    go more general like - domain name - FreeGiftCards.com and then make the website with multiple offers for Free Gift Cards, with reviews, write ups about each offer you have available on the site (each having their own page or something)

    Any guidance on this would be appreciated. I am going to do this, but my time right now is limited so I want to get some advice on the best direction before I take the next step.

    Thanks. Mark
  2. terraleads
  3. Jay Wessman

    Jay Wessman Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Mark! Awesome to see you're jumping right in :)

    SEO is a great way to get started. I'd definitely go after a more specific niche term though rather then something more general - It'll be so much easier to get your site ranking then if you go after a keyword like "Free Gift Cards" (which after a quick search returned 480 million results, stay away bro!).

    If you can, look for a keyword that's relatively untapped AND fits perfectly with a good CPA offer or affiliate program... then you'll be golden.
  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Hey bro, so glad your taking action well done!
    As my boy above Jay said, id definitely go after a more specific niche - ask Adam on maxbounty what offers are converting well and with SEO at that! Pick one and try find some untapped keywords! Then grab a keyword rich domain and get building keyword rich content and back links :).
  5. MarkHamilton

    MarkHamilton Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot for the advice Jay and K. I am going to get rolling on this today - after I get back from my day Job.
    That job sure gets in the way of doing what I WANT to do - but for the moment - it is an evil necessity!
    I will let you know how it goes once I get rolling.
  6. Steve MaxBounty

    Steve MaxBounty Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Thanks for choosing us to get started with! Definitely ask Adam for a list of offers to work with.

    I agree with Jay and K in terms of choosing a specific domain (but keep an eye on terms re. using trademarks!).

    Keep us posted! :)
  7. MarkHamilton

    MarkHamilton Affiliate affiliate

    OK, so I have finally gotten my hosting squared away. Jeeez - this took DAYS, due to some technical
    problem. What a waste of time - but it is done now and I am started.

    The site is in the health and fitness arena. I have picked out a few offers from MaxBounty that I am going
    to feature on my site once I get more content on it. I have only gotten the site set up, gotten the header
    done and mostly written one article. I am going to get some other articles and things done and then put
    in the offers.

    Then it will be all the work needed to get traffic to the site.

    I guess I could use some direction on what sort of content I should put on the site. I am using Wordpress
    and it currently looks like a blog mostly - as that is what I am most familiar with (I have set up two other
    blogs before and not done any other website creation)

    Thanks in advance for an help and suggestions. I can only work on this thing around my regular job - but
    I am a persistent type - so I will get it done.

  8. dollar cashflow

    dollar cashflow Affiliate affiliate

    but maxbounty is not accepting developing countries like Nigeria. I have tried several times getting accepted with no answer. Anyhow, wish you great experience in CPA
  9. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Well done for taking action - Ok so content must be UNIQUE and also keyword rich - a nice tip is to fish out competitive sites that rank for low but high traffic keywords - whack their domain through the google keyword tool and list all the keywords that appear - then when you write your articles include the keywords in them! Then work on back links - of course all this can be outsourced very cheaply on sites like oDesk!
  10. Jay Wessman

    Jay Wessman Affiliate affiliate

    The health niche is going to be tricky trying to rank for anything generic like "weight loss diet pills" so you're really going to want to focus on some long tail keywords that aren't so obvious.

    Try using the Google Keyword Tool to search for all sorts of variations looking for terms that get a few hundred to a few thousand searches a month but have very little competition.

    So if you were going to make a page about protein powder instead of just going after the keyword "Protein Powder" try something a bit more obscure that still gets searches like "Hemp Protein Powder" or "Protein Powder Under $20".

    Since you're using WordPress I'd also definitely recommend installing the Yoast SEO plugin - this allows you easily optimize your site and all your pages for the exact keywords that you're targetting.

    Oh and as K said - unique content is a must.
  11. MarkHamilton

    MarkHamilton Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot K and Jay. This is some great advice. I will put it to use today.
    I am going to write several more articles today, using the keywords that I chase
    up per your advice on how to find them.
    I am excited, as I think I have a good start here on what I want to do. I will let you
    know as I get things done.
  12. MarkHamilton

    MarkHamilton Affiliate affiliate

    OK. I have been getting my site put together, but I have another question on the best way to do this.
    Should I put a sign up form on a site such as this? I mean the site is mainly set up to give people good
    data and get them to click on my ads for CPA. Would a sign up form to get them on my list distract
    people from doing this - or would it be a good idea?
    I mean in reality, I am making this site to make money. I am providing good content so that people
    will get real data - but really I want to make money with CPA.
    Let me know what you think.
  13. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    If you build a list and you market it the RIGHT way (do not just spam them with offers) you can make CPA money for a lot of time. Besides that, just test it and see if your conversions drop.

    Good Luck ;)
  14. MarkHamilton

    MarkHamilton Affiliate affiliate

    Ok, I have got my site up and running. I have posted 2 articles and put in a couple of CPA banner ads
    having to do with my selected niche.
    I have also done some social bookmarking and plan on doing a lot more.
    Today I am going to submit one of my articles to some article directories
    and post 2 more articles.
    Does it sound like I am on the right track here? Seems right - but let me know.
  15. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Yes definitely - well done for moving onwards - take alook at this post also - http://www.cpafix.com/showthread.php/1397-Case-Study-Making-Money-With-With-SEO-amp-Niche-Websites!

    for more tips - good luck - lets wait for some stats now!
  16. MarkHamilton

    MarkHamilton Affiliate affiliate

    I have been concentrating on backlinks the last day or so.
    I have used Social Monkee and did 100 backlinks drip fed over 10
    days with that.
    I have done quite a bit of social bookmarking using the list found here
    in the forum ( have not submitted to all of the sites on that list - but
    probably to 20-25 so far)
    I need to write a couple more articles, which I wanted to get done yesterday
    or today - but my regular J.O.B. got in the way - but it looks like I will have
    time tomorrow to get this done.
    Is there any sort of estimate on how many backlinks I should go for here?
    Also, how many articles should I get on the site? Should I just keep banging
    them out - or what would be an expected number? (if there is such a thing)


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