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Offers from the CPAffiliates Network

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by BAppel24, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. BAppel24

    BAppel24 New Member

    For those of you who haven't seen our offers before. Below is a list of some of our available offers. I also want to make you aware that we will be bringing on a new lead gen program in January for an emergency medical alert company. We will be paying about $15 per lead simply for contact info.

    Please review our offers and feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected] if you would like to discuss these offers or anything else for that matter.


    ? Medifast is a highly effective meal replacement diet, which has been satisfying customers for over 20 years.
    ? Medifast is offering a FREE week of product with the purchase of a month's supply
    ? Free Shipping with the purchase of a month?s supply
    ? 20% per sale payout with a 90 day cookie
    ? Average purchase price is $210
    ? Landing page: http://www.medifast1.com/promo/advertising_01.asp

    Ray Lewis Take Shape America
    ? Ray Lewis and Medifast have teamed up to create the Ray Lewis Take Shape America line of fitness products.
    ? This line includes protein drinks and nutrition bars for men and women
    ? 20% per sale payout with a 90 day cookie
    ? Average purchase price is $95
    ? Landing page: http://raylewistakeshape.com

    Necessary Secrets

    ? Offering the finest selection of high-quality intimate apparel since 1985
    ? Free Shipping on orders over $50
    ? 15% per sale payout
    ? Average purchase = $105
    ? Landing page: http://www.necessarysecrets.com

    Google AdSense Secrets E-book v.2

    ? Earn $40 per sale promoting this superb Second Edition from best-selling AdSense expert Joel Comm.
    ? This is the 131-page expanded edition that teaches the tips and tricks that increased his AdSense revenue from $30/day to over $500/day.
    ? Landing page: http://www.adsense-secrets.com/index_cp.html


    ? Order your full one year subscription to MyPublicInfo for just $79.95.
    ? Earn up to 37.5% commission on each purchase
    ? High converting offer in a rapidly expanding area of public interest
    ? Landing page: http://www.mypublicinfo.com/ad/subscribe


    ? Priosoft's Priority One Plus construction management software manages the entire business process for everyone in the construction trade.
    ? Priosoft is offering a Free 30 day trial download
    ? $5 per lead and 15% per sale payout
    ? No credit card info required!
    ? Landing page: http://priosoft.com/affiliates/contractor_affiliate.htm


    ? Poetry.com will award 1,175 prizes totaling $58,000.00 to amateur poets in the coming months.
    ? Anyone can enter the competition simply by submitting an original poem, 20 lines or fewer, on any subject, in any style.
    ? $3/lead payout for every poetry submission.
    ? Landing page: http://www.poetry.com/contest/contest.asp?Suite=A66201
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