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No lead from squeeze page


Hello everyone,

I made a 1$ test. Create 2 ads on Facebook, one as a page post and another as an offer of giving something free (eBook about home remedies for skin). I put a link to the squeeze page.

I selected these countries:

Argentine, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, United State, Venezuela, Vietnam, South Africa, Zambia

I selected interests related to reading, eBooks, beauty, skin etc.

Gender: Female
Age: 18-65+

I generated the following:

  • Post

Post interactions: 25
Impressions: 1073

  • Offer
Post interactions: 4
Impressions: 935

NO e-mail captured.
Avg. Session Duration

What I did wrong? How much money should I add to capture one email?

Thank you!

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You have to low CTR
And you use too big audince, try to target to some countries and work about your CTR

Iss Meftah

make better landing page (split test)
make better ads (split test)
make better targeting (split test)

when you find the right spot put your money there.


Dojo Master
I have to agree with what the others said. You are targeting far too broadly. Plus, $1 is not enough to capture data from that many countries with such broad targeting and two different ad types.

Tighten up your targeting! Right now, it looks like you're throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks. People who are interested in reading in general may not be interested in skin care, for example.

Also, is your ebook in English? If so, don't target non-English speaking countries. You're just wasting your money if you do that.

And take a good look at your squeeze page and ads, see where you can improve them and split test a few. Hint: what is your competition doing successfully? How are their ads/landers/squeeze pages different from yours.

If you fine tune things, I think you'll see an improvement in your results.

Let us know how your make out.