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Newie Mobi Weekly Dairy

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by wangyang9428, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. wangyang9428

    wangyang9428 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello AffiliateFix, I am a totally newbie in affiliate marketing. I enter the forum probably around February, and I did learn a a lot from K, tjtutor, cashmoneyaffiliate and many other affiliates here, you are all my mentors. I know the best way to learn is practicing and keep practicing, but I am a procrastinator, I didn't start until last month, so I hope if I write it down, you guys can watch me and help me growing up.

    Since I am a newbie, I have nothing to hide, so I am going to list everything in my mind, if you have any suggestions, please kindly tell me.

    Basic Plan
    1. Affiliate Network: Yeahmobi
    2. Traffic source: Buzzcity. I top up $200 on Buzzcity and get 15% bonus.
    3. Since I don't have a clue, I just choose offers in India and other developing countries in Asia. It might be a good mine, but who knows.
    4. Tesing Method:
    1) Try recomend bid, and if the cost is 5 times larger than the payout with less than 2 conversions, switch to another offer.
    2) 200 Clicks without a conversion, stop and change angles.

    3) Direct link first, and if the result is not bad, try LPs.
    5. Tracking system: Voluum
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  2. newbidder
  3. wangyang9428

    wangyang9428 Affiliate affiliate

    【Offer】35942 - MY - ilovemobi - WhatsappMe Wallpaper
    【Target】My AM suggest me to run this offer, ThenI searched on google play, and I found a app called Whatsapp Wallpaper and several Wallpaper App, and they are all free. That's kinda wierd, if you can get that for free, why would anyone subscribe and pay for it? In my country, we don't use whatsapp, so is there anyone know why would this offer still be promoting? But anyway it meets my need except that it's a pin submit offer. I check the Buzzcity Planner, Android dominate the cell phone market, but I still separate it into 3 campaigns: Android, IOS& Blackberry. I figure Whatsapp is a very famous app in the market, so probably it will be easy to convert.

    According to planner, I set bid to 0.031, 0.001 higher than the recommend bid. I didn't target Brand like Samsung, because I think people who use that have more possibility to get the app free on Google Play Market.

    I didn't do larger Ads, because I think in-app display pictures will cause lots of useless clicks, am I think it right?
    Here is the banner that I use:

    Got approved immediately, but after a day's test, no conversions, and lots of clicks comes from Opera Mini Browser.

    Because most of the clicks come from proxy browser, so I blocked Opera Mini Traffic. Here's my question again: it's not a one click flow offer, why would proxy browser affect the conversion rate?
    After I made the adjustment, it did have some good effect, the CTR is a little bit higher and I get 2 conversions from the android campaign yesterday(I put an extra space at the link so the conversion has not been post back properly)

    Since the ios and rim's CTRs are lower and lower, I make a little bit change to the banner and replace it to the ios& rim campaign.

    The Android one has no conversion today so far, so....Any suggestions?
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  4. wangyang9428

    wangyang9428 Affiliate affiliate

    I had also register Airpush yesterday, and I create the same campaign as those on Buzzcity.
    Since its name contains"PUSH", so I choose push traffic as my next traffic source.
    I had to say Airpush's approval policy is very strict, they denied lots of my ads and titles and told me that terms like "Upgrade" or "update" can be misinterpreted by the end users as a system message, so I had to change to text like this:
    Title: Using Default Background?
    Ad Descriptive Text : Get Tons of Cool Whatsapp Wallpapers NOW

    I bid 0.02, their minimum bid, and I split test 2 campaigns with 2 different carriers: Celcom and Digi.

    I exclude Samsung and other big manufacturers.
    I also exclude users who have already installed Whatsapp Wallpaper App by the Excluded Packages function.
    After almost a day's running, I blocked Lenovo Brand.

    I am kind of lost now. What am I going to do next? I plan to create a LP to test further. But before that, how to optimize this offer? By increasing bid I might get more traffic, but it's quite obvious that I may continue suffering loss. How to promote Whatsapp offer? Is there anyone who is familiar with Buzzcity or Airpush can offer me some strategy?

    You all said that you need to master one ad network, but what's the step to do that?

    I also registered Startapp and Zeropark, do you think I shall give a try on them?

    By the way, I have a question about the general concept, Zeropark provides two kind of traffic: Redirect and Pop, I figure in-app display banner is also a kind of pop traffic, isn't it?

    I am going to keep on testing for sure, but before that, Mentors, Tutors, Teachers, please provide me some suggestions.


  5. gci1987

    gci1987 Affiliate affiliate

    That's one thing that I don't understand as well.Why would people pay for it if there are already some established product on gg play.

    And bz seems to be full of fraudulent clicks and bid's been pushing up way too high,do you think you can profit from it if you don't have sufficient budget for data collection.

    Another noticeable problem is if you are not spending a couple of hundred a day ,your viable optimization options would be limited as no where you can block ip or pub that are driving junky traffic to you.
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  6. razrus5

    razrus5 Affiliate affiliate

    Keep testing. Time to test a different offer. Try other mobile traffic. As mentioned on this site by others. Do not test more than 4x the offer amount. 10x the offer amount is a lot. Try finding other networks. Keep at it. It is usually brutal in the beginning.

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