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Hello everyone! I am a fresh MBA graduate, I am working as a Research Assistant in my school. I am encouraged to develop a topic of my personal interest. E-commerce was one of the MBA courses I studied. Recently, I got interested in affiliate programmes, their environment and stakeholders. I am thinking of making it all into a thesis for a Doctor's degree. The international environment of this forum looks like a great place to get first-hand and reliable information, as well as, to get familiar with the topic. I do hope to find help and advice here.


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Welcome to 5 Star, Olala.

Your reason for joining is a little unusual, but very interesting. :)

There is a wealth of information here. We have many very friendly and very knowledgeable members. You will have no problem getting reliable information and 5 Star is a great place to get familiar with affiliate marketing.

Ask questions whenever you have any.


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Thank you for your warm welcome

Dear Larwee,
I do agree that the reason is not a common one.
I just think that instead of reading tons of peer-reviewed articles on Ebsco for example, it will be much more interesting to communicate with real people in the world of affiliate programmes and get a clear idea of the research topic in my mind.

Linda Buquet

Hi Olala,

Welcome to 5 Star. I agree it's an interesting reason to join. Maybe if we help answer all your questions and give you advice, you will mention us in your thesis. ;)


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Oh, yes!

Dear Linda Buquet,
There definitely will be list of forums were I will ge gathering information. However, if there will be any interviews and the members will be agree to be mentioned, I will be happy to do this. :D