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New Marketplace to Buy and Sell Text Links

Discussion in 'Display Media Buying' started by arkady777, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. arkady777

    arkady777 Affiliate affiliate

    New ideas are priceless! Especially in a such dynamic area as SEO and Web site promotions using external text links. Among many text links brokers on the market today, WebStol (www[DOT]webstol[DOT]com) is quite unique. Here are a couple of fresh ideas that WebStol offers:

    1. Webmaster in WebStol can, but doesn't have to, order indexing of their sites. Webmaster can add new pages to the system manually or using "sitemap" at anytime. Pages with WebStol code are added automatically when accessed. Convenient for Webmaster: setup the code and start making money. Efficient for Optimizer: pages that are accessed are the most suitable for advertisement.

    2. WebStol remembers description and keywords of every page. Optimizer can use this advantage while looking for pages with specific content. Content advertisement is the key. Search engines will never "ban" links (even purchased) that are relative to the subject of the page.

    It looks like WebStol is going to become a real player on the market of buying and selling text links. Good luck!
  2. ytz

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