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New Affiliate Manager


New Member
I wanted to announce myself as new affiliate manager for Look forward to connecting with everyone. Learning as fast as I can and trying to connect the dots between theory and action. Been on the web development side for some time and now moving into the marketing arena. We have put together a real solid proposition for affiliates with a site that converts very well. Hope to hear back from people.

Best regards,

Arum Kone

Linda Buquet

Hi Arum,

Welcome to 5 star. Jump into some discussions and ask questions or help others out with answers. Rubbing elbows with affiliates here is the best way to build up trust and interest in your program.

Fell free to post a promo about your program down in the "Merchants introduce your program here" section.


New Member
Thanks for the kind words Lonny. How is the affiliate business with Forex? I look forward to meeting people. What is it that Forex does? I looked at the site, but did not dig dwon to deep.

Stephanie Harris

New Member
Hi Arum,

Welcome to the Forum! As another affiliate manager on this site, I'm sure we'll find we have much in common in the way of "connecting-the-dots" as you said. Fortunately, I always loved that game as a kid so I hope I'm still good at it today. Feel free to PM or post if you have any questions - we all learn together :)

Lynn Quario

New Member
Welcome Arum!

This is a great community where there is help if you need it. We are all here to teach and be taught.

All the best

Lynn :)