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All-In-One Performance Marketing Solution for Advertisers/Affiliates

  1. CPX Center

    CPX Center Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    We want to introduce you to a powerful performance marketing solution for advertisers/publishers. CPXCenter is a self-serve white-label which is easy to use.

    Key Features:

    1. Supports all cost metrics (CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL)
    2. Supports all major ad formats (web, mobile, in-app, video)
    3. Offers transparent targeting options with Ad Exchange (users are able to choose whom they want to buy/sell traffic with)
    4. Supports digital advertising/tracking capabilities on both web/mobile
    5. Customizable UI; custom skin/logo, fully white-labeled appearance
    7. Uses in house bot traffic technology/department as well as Forensiq & IAS technologies to filter out fraud traffic
    8. Lets users set their own pricing on cost metrics, able to set different cost metrics per country

    We're offering new users a 1-Month FREE trial.

    We offer a $9/mo. account which provides you with a limit of:

    100,000 Clicks

    100,000 Impressions

    $0.5 /1,000 Additional Clicks

    $0.008/1,000 Additional impressions

    (If your account uses more than the below clicks/impressions than we invoice you an amount at the end of the month)

    To view pricing details: Web & Mobile Tracking Software for Affiliate & Performance Marketing
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  2. AdCombo
  3. comegetbravo

    comegetbravo Well-Known Member affiliate

    What exactly is it that you do? Could you please explain a bit further? Thanks.
  4. CPX Center

    CPX Center Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi @comegetbravo

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    CPXCenter is a both ad management software as well as an ad network. Through the software, users are able to create campaigns, set creatives/pricing and then via the 'Ad Exchange' feature, sell ads to affiliates within the CPXCenter network pool.

    The network pool contains of individual affiliate marketers, ad networks, traffic resellers who all buy/sell traffic on CPXCenter.

    The software also provides tracking ability via pixel or s2s, real time in depth reports for analysing and auditing campaign performance.
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  5. royalrevenuee

    royalrevenuee Affiliate affiliate

    Is service still LIVE, one of my friend said skype support never seen online last 6 months.