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My First Teespring Campaign

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Alexandre Moura, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Alexandre Moura

    Alexandre Moura Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Guys,

    I'm immersing in the Teespring world. I'm on AM for more than 3y and i have expe with all sort of verticals and TS's.

    I will make this an Follow-Along about my first campaign on Teespring.

    So, first i need to brainstorm and try to discover a great niche that should buy an must-have t-shirt about their passion, after some minutes, voila! I found it!

    So i go to FB Audiences and created my demo.

    Here some info about my demo:


    So, somethinkg arround 1kk-1,5kk and 84% are woman. Great! Is really that what i'm looking for.
    P.S: I'm not too broad. I really make a very specific targeting, but the niche that i choose really have a lot of ppl interested.

    After that i saved my demo and i start to develop my design in Photoshop. I'm also an designer.

    After couple minutes, design is ready! I uploaded to teespring, created my first campaign, added 14 options of colors and shirt types and here we go!

    I created one FB Page to make the Newsfeed Ads. Page created, and now i decide that i will split test the post Ad with 4 differents images.

    After finish the design of my 4 differents images to put on my Ad post, setup conversion pixel, i started to 'Boost' the post with Facebook Ads with my audience.

    So here is some data:

    Cheap T-Shirt: $21.95
    Most Exp T-Shirt: $25.95
    Hoodie: $30.95

    T-Shirt Options: 14
    Goal: 10
    Time: 3 days

    --- Ad 1 ---
    Reach: 316
    Clicks: 15
    Engagements: 11
    CTR: 4.73%
    CPC: $0.28
    Cost: $4.41

    --- Ad 2 ---
    Reach: 246
    Clicks: 16
    Engagements: 15
    CTR: 6.48%
    CPC: $0.23
    Cost: $3.80

    --- Ad 3 ---
    Reach: 312
    Clicks: 10
    Engagements: 7
    CTR: 3.21%
    CPC: $0.34
    Cost: $3.52

    --- Ad 4 ---
    Reach: 217
    Clicks: 8
    Engagements: 7
    CTR: 3.69%
    CPC: $0.27
    Cost: $2.22

    Interested data about my top Ad (3):



    I have atm 0 conversions. So my actual stats are something like:

    Total Clicks: 49

    Cost: $13.95
    Revenue: $0.00

    Profit/Loss: -$13.95

    Normal ? Any thoughts?

    P.S: My niche is really supra-targetered also they really love the theme. The design is killing.

    I'm all ears! :fix:
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  2. newbidder
  3. Alexandre Moura

    Alexandre Moura Affiliate affiliate

    Here's my todays CTR:


    Total Clicks: 95

    Cost: $25.95
    Revenue: $0.00

    Profit/Loss: -$25.95
  4. Alexandre Moura

    Alexandre Moura Affiliate affiliate

    Well, after $40 spent and 0 conversions i stoped and i will forgot this niche.

    Also i found one campaign -> Awesome Wife - Timeline Photos | Facebook

    54k likes 25k shares - how this is possible? I think its not only with Ads or im wrong?
  5. Mia Gibbons

    Mia Gibbons Affiliate affiliate

    I know this titile has sold over 10,000 copies and still now selling. Here is for the more design with same title.

    What you needed to do always take a deep eye on the trend and you'll surely boom.
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  6. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    Just my opinion I haven't really tried TeeSpring.
    You need to target certain people who are HOT FANS of the product you're selling.
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  7. Ron E. Fletcher

    Ron E. Fletcher Affiliate affiliate

    Try to stay focus on trend. Desing your T-shirt according to the events or trends. Reach targeted traffic in "Free Traffic" method first. Wait and see the result if you aren't satisfied run the test job again and again. Keep a deep eye which one is working and go for paid method then. NFL is coming ;)

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