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My First Mobile Campaign + Voluum Stats *Journey to 1k Days*

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by yyoulives, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Start Date: Feb/5/2015

    Side Note: (The offer was paused from sunday Feb 8th to Feb 11th. While I was trying to get on Mundo. Unfortunately, i'm still not on Mundo. I need to get on Mundo!!! But I digress, let's get to it shall we!!??)

    Traffic Source:

    Number Of Landers Being Tested On Traffic Source: 5
    Screenshot 2016-02-12 21.21.35.png

    A: 3conversions, -78% roi
    B: 3conversions, - 78% roi
    C: 2conversions, - 83 roi
    D: 1conversion, - 91% roi
    F: 0conversions, -100% roi

    In total all landers have had a spend of between $22 - $28

    Daily Budget: $30-40

    Offer Type:
    Mobile Sweeps

    Offer Network:
    Clickdealer + F5 Media

    Side Note:
    Always test similar offers from different networks to see which converts better. You'd be surprised to see how much of a difference this could make for your campaigns. Unfortunately, I did not learn this till Yesterday. Therefore my F5 offer wasn't tested on this campaign till today Feb 12th. Good news is it's conversion % is already double Clickdealer. However I still need more data before cutting one offer. I don't believe i've had enough conversions to make a solid decision just yet.)

    Offer Payout: Clickdealer: $2.30 / F5 Media: $1.60

    Optimization Thus Far: Thus far i've paused 5 target keywords that have spent 2-3x the offer payout with 0 conversions.

    Future Optimization: I plan on cutting one of my offers along with my 2 lowest performing landers. My top 3 are neck in neck and I need more data to choose my winner. I hope to pick my top converting carriers after another day or two of gathering data.

    Overall Spend: $144
    Overall Revenue: $19.65
    ROI: - 86.43% :eek:
    (Some affiliates told me if they don't see -75% ROI on a campain or better they move on to a new offer right away. Hmmmm?)

    Questions For Experienced Mobile Affiliates:
    I started this campaign bidding in 3-4the bid placement. However I have learned that starting a campaign bidding in 1st or 2nd bid placement is wiser. This method puts your landers in front of better converting placements early. Thus giving you more data to see what's a winner and what's a loser as far as your targets go. Once you find those top converters you can focus on them while cutting the losers, is this true?

    2) The lower performing placements have that I have paused have had me in either either 4th or lower as far as bid placement goes. However, I notice the top bids on these placements are extremely high. I would assume that means they convert? Should I up my bid on them and see if I can turn these placements into winners? I've spent 3x or even more the offer payout on those placements with 0 conversions? Perhaps I should revisit these placements once I have a top lander?

    3) I'm still unsure as to when ideally, I should consider this campaign is a dud? At what point does one move on exactly? I'm seeing conversions and I'm confident I can get a better ROI... just not sure how much better I can get it :p.

    4) At what point do you say you have your winning lander? Statistical significance usually seems to be when a lander has a 80% chance or more of being your winner right? What if you have 3 that are neck and neck all the way through? Do you just choose your best converter after 3x offer payout? :oops:

    Hope to hear from you guys soon.


    YYou aka Mr I Love Big Booty Latinas :cool:

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  2. newbidder
  3. yosef

    yosef Guest

    Good luck my friend we have a lot on common :)

    It is interesting what you wrote about the place of the bid that you want to be for optimal traffic (1-2)
    I have other opinion but I still test it then can't say if its right or not! :)
    Because I have small budget I decide how much lander I am going to send traffic to (let say 3)
    Every lander will get 3 x payout, let say payout 3$ then lander will get 9$
    As number of landers the number of days of testing (daily budget 9$).
    I try every day to get as many traffic then I can (daily budget 9$) therefore I don't care on witch position i will be, i just wait the end 3 days and get decisions if close the campaign or continue.

    I know that it is slow way but on those days of waiting i looking for other offers to test

    I will follow your post with big interest !
  4. Dispply

    Dispply Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Nice story.
    First of all, yes, ROI -75% or less better be stopped as it's very hard to get it optimized.

    Questions For Experienced Mobile Affiliates:
    1) Once you find those top converters you can focus on them while cutting the losers, is this true?
    Yes, it's one of major way to starting making profit (cut the worst, invest in best)

    2) Perhaps I should revisit these placements once I have a top lander?
    The highest bid placement are mostly have high convert traffic, however it doesn't mean that this traffic will convert for you. There are many reasons why top bidders are giving less conversions that lower ones. Personally I'd suggest concentrating on those that already gave you conversions as they have potential to become profitable.

    Hope this will help!
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  5. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Date Feb/15/16

    Campaign Status: Dead (time to test a new offer)

    Spend: $288
    Revenue: $70
    ROI: (-76%)

    Okay guys so my campaign has failed. Looking at my data has revealed very few pockets of profit that would not have allowed me to better my ROI by much. I started this campaign with -93% ROI and after throwing almost $300 at it, I was unable to get it lower than -76%. I tested carriers, upped my bids on converting placements and paused bad placements, however the offer didn't convert as good as I would have liked.

    Time for me to jump onto another offer

    I will keep you posted.
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  6. Morticai

    Morticai Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    One thing to take note of is, even ad position should be split tested.

    I've had campaigns where being the 3rd place bidder actually performed better than being first.

    Have you take a look at your competition to see which landing pages / offers they're running? That will give you a good baseline for what is poentially working.
  7. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    I agree with the 3rd place bid being profitable; However, when first starting the campaign I run 1st place bid to gather as much data on placements as possible and then I drop my bids after I get more data.
  8. Denis Marinho

    Denis Marinho Affiliate affiliate

  9. yyoulives

    yyoulives Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Denis, sorry for being inactive. I've been swamped with work. But i'm still running camps. I gave up on this camp due to spending too much and not getting my ROI low enough. I have jumped ship and started another US sweeps offer on zeropark. Thus far i've spent about $400 and i'm close to profit. I'm at about -38% ROI however two of my landers are -15% ROI or better. I think i'm going to play with my bid placement and start a whitelist campaign very soon. I can deff see this being profitable however I don't see this brining in a lot of $$$. But it's good practice to test things. I'm gonna retarget using a whitelist campaign and a keyword campaign all zeroing in on a specific mobile carrier that has been proven to convert. I'll keep ya updated my friend cheers.
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