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Hi all!

I've noticed that when I schedule Facebook posts (directly via a Facebook page, not through Hootsuite), there appears to be less reach than the posts that I upload immediately, even with the same (if not more) likes and engagement. Does anyone know if Facebook has a preference for scheduled/non-scheduled posts or is this just a coincidence?

I know that there is sooo much content on Facebook so you're never going to catch everyone, but any basic tips to follow would be great?

According to FB "Ten Practices To Avoid":

Using third-party services. Using scheduling services such as Hootsuite, Viral Heat, or Sprout Social to schedule your Facebook posts will gain you only one thing: an even lower reach. That’s because Facebook recognizes, and penalizes these third-party apps, giving them less credibility than posts made directly on Facebook. This is true for businesses that push their Twitter feed through Facebook as well.Note: Historically, Facebook has denied this correlation, however studies on Facebook reach as well as analyzing our own data has suggested there is a direct relationship between Facebook reach and use of third-party services.