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Make Effective use of your Private Cloud Servers with Datasoft

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Balakrishna6, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Balakrishna6

    Balakrishna6 Affiliate affiliate

    Appropriate use of your private cloud server can be a daunting task, if basic aspects are not thoroughly followed up. Datasoft recommends its private cloud users to follow the below given basic aspects in order to ensure that you make proper use of your private cloud servers

    1. Assign the right size for you individual instances within your private cloud server- A good way to assign right size for Individual servers within the private cloud server is via load testing. This will ensure that your private cloud server is optimally used, Ensure it is not over utilized or underutilized.

    2. Spread the load – Private cloud users must ensure that they spread the load of CPU cores, especially when you have paid for Multi-core private cloud server. Spread the load across the cores, especially when you are running multiple processes on the same instance or individual cloud server within your private cloud.

    3. Keep a low load average and check your private cloud server memory usage - A better way to optimize your private cloud server utilization is to run optimally run your private cloud server at 65-80 percentage memory. In most cases Datasoft recommends a load average of less than 1.0 times the number of cores within your cloud server instance.

    4. Effectively use monitoring tools such as dedicated firewall extended for your private cloud server – “Prevention is always better than cure” at Datasoft we believe in this motto and extend all our customers appropriate tools like that of an Added layer of individual firewall to monitor their servers. Datasoft private/public cloud customers can directly set their own firewall policies and review their configurations. This is over and above our 24*7 monitoring and support. It is always better to look at trends and act on them rather than waiting for anomalies or spikes to occur on your private cloud servers.

    Datasoft believes in helping our customers to make good use of their money, ensuring your private cloud servers are not over utilized or under-utilized is one way of spending less time and money on your servers.
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