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Linked In marketing!

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by K, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Has anyone tried linked in for marketing yet? I know a close mate of mine was making some nice money on it but i didn't really ask about the method!
  2. newbidder
  3. smilodon

    smilodon Affiliate affiliate

    Would love to know this as well.

    Or if no one as first hand knowledge, maybe link to a credible source?
  4. david15923

    david15923 Affiliate affiliate

    I saw a post somewhere that taught that. I'll try to find it but it goes like this:

    - Buy those packs of premium themes for 100$-200$.
    - Go to linkedin and find some small businesses that have websites.
    - Ask them if they want you to change the site to make it more appealing for FREE.
    - Be persistent and ask them until the give you an answer.
    - Once they let you change the website just apply on of those premium themes.
    - It will look very good and they will probably be surprised. That's when you ask them if you could host the site for a small fee of 30$/month (not sure if it was 30$ or 40$), some will say yes some will say no, but even if they say no it didn't cost you anything and you build relationships/trust.

    10 websites will be an extra 300$/month :) Of course, it probably isn't as easy as it sounds but you should be able to do it.
  5. JohnCPAAlpha

    JohnCPAAlpha Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Not a bad idea. Also if you have a site for this business you could place a link at the bottom of each one of these sites on the theme linked back to you for the keyword. Would help you with backlinks for free. If they don't want the backlink you could do a one time charge of say $30.00 removal fee.
  6. Mark Raven

    Mark Raven Affiliate affiliate

    This can be twisted to work in most area's, i myself have taken the route of social management in the past, where the client pays a fixed fee per month for the management of all there social accounts which can be easily automated and outsourced, with plenty of room for upgrades and additional extras to grow there brand and social presence. Always think outside the box when finding clients as with this strategy you are normally looking for small business's who don't have the ability or know how to get this going themselves or know areas to get it done cheaper and faster so coming across professionally is important.
  7. printbucket

    printbucket Affiliate affiliate

    LinkedIn is a great marketing platform. Marketing in LinkedIn will work if you are dealing with the professional market.
  8. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    I can imagine it's extremely targeted but holds a lot of potential, definitely worth researching in to.

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