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Introducing Myself

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jackbellinger, May 14, 2014.

  1. jackbellinger

    jackbellinger Affiliate affiliate


    My name is Ben im 38 years old and looking to get the fuck out of the labouring trade due to health concerns. I really want to be able to make money online although I did not grow up in the computer world at school and am finding it difficult to do . I have been trying all sorts of programs over the years and have just been ripped off time and time again. If I catch one of these blokes oneday I am to be sure to cut his hands off.

    Anyway this program and network sounds really promising and being a community of likeminded people I think I am in the right place. I found myself here by watching LazyAssStoners videos and I hope to produce an income which can take over my existing income so I can spend more time riding my motorbike and chasing girls.

    So here goes Ladies and Gentlemen I shall give this another crack and spend my hard earned dollars on a mystery egg. So nice to meet you all and I hope we can have a long relationship together on this bloody internet.

    P.S I shall update my progress from time to time so ill see you all later

    Jack Bellinger
  2. terraleads

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