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Internet startup with no marketing budget

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by bela83, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. bela83

    bela83 Affiliate affiliate

    How do you market an Internet startup with no marketing budget? It's for a web based startup for bloggers to help them manage their community
  2. cpalife
  3. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    @bela , Welcome to websitefix. Begin with simply submit your website to google, bing . And wait for spider to work...
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  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Yeah, many think that they can start a site with organic traffic and always become disillusioned after lots of hard work. You have to use paid social marketing at the very least and you should also use several other paid traffic sources. I suggest you find a way to earn enough money to buy traffic.
  5. Mark231

    Mark231 Affiliate affiliate

    The best way to start marketing a startup is to recognize that the first stage is awareness that can ultimately create lead generation. So, you've got to do the following to start:
    • Starting blogging
    • Comment on other people's blogs
    • Distribute, distribute, distribute - all blog posts should go out on what ever social media channels your customers are hanging out on; linkedin, facebook, etc.
    • Always be thinking about how to capture a lead; get people to sign up in advance prior to launch, get people to subscribe to your blog's feeds and newsletter
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  6. geoffrey foggon

    geoffrey foggon Affiliate affiliate

    First thing create a landing page to promote your site on this landing page you will have an autoresponder connected to it. You will also give away a free gift to entice the visitor to give you their email address. Next step is to use free traffic exchanges there are lots of them and forums relating to your product/site in this case blogging.

    Offer good advice on the forums, use the backlink system to promote your site. On your site you need to have an exit profit generator this is where when they try to leave your site a pop up appears with an offer this case being your landing page. Use social media to promote your stuff and have share buttons on your site.

    Now some of this stuff will cost you like a autoresponder, if interested I can provide you with one for free. For landing page creation I have a online site that does all this for you. You can create ecovers, buy now buttons, landing pages, video landing pages, affiliate banners and a lot more. Its free for the first month to try out.

    which blogging platform are you using and is it a hosted or self hosted as this can make a lot of impact of what you can and cannot do. Anyways if you have any question don't be scared to ask an unasked question is a unanswered one.
  7. techbat

    techbat Affiliate affiliate

    You would require following marketing strategy for your internet startup. Initially prepare landing page of your website and make sure that it won’t take much time in loading. Submit this web page in major search engine like yahoo and Google. Search engine will take some time in crawling your website, once done you can start other promotion activities like blog posting, social media promotion, forum posting and blogging.
  8. JennyWood

    JennyWood Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, Bela 83, I think you should start from website optimization - find keywords which describe your business in the best way, create landing pages, blog posts where you will put these keywords. In simple words, the most important thing for you is SEO without that you will lose with your competitors. Of course, you can find other tactics on the Internet such as content marketing. Here you find more strategies with their cons and pros: righthello.com/best-lead-generation-strategy
  9. ryan412

    ryan412 Affiliate affiliate

    In other words it is hard work.

    I wonder how did that start up did get together? A start up without money has little chance to get to the top.
  10. SalinaGomez

    SalinaGomez Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Maybe you can reach out to bloggers and advertise yourself in a non-spammy way, or offer them something for a review. All this and social media pages where you share useful content and engage with your audience. Without money it will take time, and lots of it.
  11. Ashley_Karic

    Ashley_Karic Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    As everyone else has said: Blog

    Actively use social media:

    YouTube <-- You can VERY well here with no money.
    Facebook Page
  12. natalieporter

    natalieporter Affiliate affiliate

    You can marketing through social media :D But I think get what pay for. :|
  13. happy-kitty

    happy-kitty Affiliate affiliate

    I guess Youtube is the best and easiest way

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