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<b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator<
Welcome to 5 Star, Greg.

I am glad that Shawn Collins told you about us and that you decided to become a member.

We are always happy to see an experienced person join because they can be very helpful to our members.

It is good to have you as a member and I hope you will find your 5 Star membership to be rewarding.

Linda Buquet

Hey Greg,

Welcome to 5 Star. You should have joined as akagorilla-akadonutguy so everyone one would realize
you are "THAT" guy, made famous by Shawn! :p

Seriously though, we are very glad you joined us. FYI I used to promote Kowa a lot and was a big fan. Then things seemed to have just died down and I rarely hear anything about them any more. I assume it's your job to change that.

I hope you'll add a Kowabunga thread down in the merchant promotion section
and keep us updated about new merchants and any other Kowabunga news.

You have lots of industry experience too, so I hope you'll join in some discussions.
I think you'll find 5 Star to be a very friendly, positive place to hang out. :)


New Member
Welcome to the forum Greg, looking forward to reading some of your posts - sounds like you've got a lot of great experience and wisdom to share :)