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How to Start a Adult Tubes Site – The Ultimate Guide (2019)

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by xxvengers, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. xxvengers

    xxvengers Affiliate affiliate

    You may wonder how is it possible to make money building a Adult site in 2019 when there are already thousands of them online. The answer is simple : the more websites get uploaded each month, the bigger is the demand.

    Adult is one of the biggest online industry and in this industry, every single Adult site can make money if you are doing it right.

    We won't say that creating a profitable Adult site and making money from it is easy. But if you have enough willpower, research and with the right tools, you will be able to yield profit in less than a month. All you have to do is to follow our instructions below.

    1. How to choose the good niche for your adult tube site?
    This step is crucial if you don't want to invest your time for nothing.
    Trying to compete against the well-known mainstream Adult sites is useless. "I will do a general tube with lot of niches inside to reach as many people as possible" is a common mistake made by beginners.

    Adult industry is the most niche-oriented sector and you don't even imagine how many people don't have their fetishes fulfilled : give them what they are waiting for.

    Before starting, 2 important rules to follow:

    • Don't choose a common popular niche like "big ass" or "blowjob"
    • Don't build a Adult site based on illegal content such as child p0rnography, zoophilia and more generally, immoral videos.
    Now, let's find your relevant niches
    Before starting, keep in mind that there are many methods to find the perfect niche, I recommend you to pair the one I will show you with others before we build the perfect article that will show other methods.

    So, here is a quick tutorial to choose the niche that will attract the best Adult traffic.

    Step 1: Let's go to Xvideos tags section
    XVideos tags section is the best niche ideas provider.
    The number next to the keyword represents the number of times the tag were used in the video post description.

    We are looking for a tag that has more than just a hundred videos but at the same time, that doesn't have million ones.

    College party tag seems pretty good! The term has been used for more than 100k videos which means that there is enough content related to this niche.

    Still, there is something even more important to check: is this keyword generating enough search volume on Google?

    Step 2: Is your niche generating traffic?
    For this step, you'll need the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere. Once you installed it on your browser, write down your niche on google

    As we can see, more than 14k searches has been done on this keyword!

    In my opinion, it's a very interesting volume as it is not too high (a high volume searches on specific niche means a lot of demand -> many offers to fulfill this demand are already existing -> a competitive niche).

    The goal is to have a less competitive niche to rank your adult tube well on google 1st SERP page but still, with enough traffic volume to make money. This leads us to the final step.

    Step 3: Will it be easy to rank your tube?
    We have to check how important is the competition for this keyword. For this step, I recommend you to use KWFinder to get useful information to know how accurate is your keyword. KWFinder has a premium version but you can get up to 5 searches per day for FREE.

    Here is the result we get with college party Adult keyword.

    1 -> It's the Keyword difficulty. On a scale of 1 to 100 (easy to hard) it indicates you how difficult it will be to rank your adult site on the 1st SERP page. It will be much more easy to rank a site with a low score. Here, you can see that our college partyniche is easier to rank thanks to its 20 out of 100 score.

    2 -> You can see the 1st SERP results page. As expected, the top results are trusted by the most popular tube sites. However, you can see that the 4th result (watchmygf) link profile score is low, which means that we can outrank it more easily.

    3 -> It shows a selection of related keywords linked to your tag. Keep them carefully, you'll need it then to improve your SEO later while you will have to rewrite the text content of your videos.

    You found the perfect niche among the multiple existing ones ? Now it's time to choose your domain name and hosting.

    2. Domain & Hosting
    Choose your domain name
    Choosing a relevant domain name is an important step that you shouldn't take too lightly. It's a core part of your adult site that will always remain. I do not recommend you to change it later as you will lose your SEO work and your current visitors may be confused. Choose your domain name carefully by following these simple advices.

    Choose a short name
    A short domain name is easy to remember and prevents from losing potential visitors with misspelling. I recommend you to not choose a domain name with more than 3 words keep in mind that Google prefers short names.

    Go straightforward
    The name must contain your niche tag. It must be relevant for your Adult traffic that will directly search for videos related to your niche on Google. Include your main keyword is better for ranking.

    Avoid famous trademarks & be brandable
    You won't rank better if you choose a domain name that is too close to famous Adult tubes. You will be outranked by these popular Adult sites and your tube can be seized if you choose a domain like : P0rnHubXXX or XXXHamster.

    Furthermore, if you use the power of social medias to get traffic, it will be impossible to build a recognizable brand that stands out of the crowd if you copy the most popular ones.

    Choose an Adult Web Hosting Solution
    Most of web hosting solutions don't allow nudity & Adult for several reasons. They don't want their image to be associated with this niche and they also aware that Adult sites are generating lot of traffic (so it demands a lot more server resources than mainstream sites).

    In the early 2000's, you would have made tons of researches to find ONE goog adult web hosting solution for your adult site. On the contrary in 2019, the offer is important and you now have to do lot of research to pick the right one.

    TMDHosting, Hostgator, Stablehost... there are lot of adult friendly web hosting solutions

    Three keywords to keep in mind while choosing your hosting solution : storage, bandwidth, data security.

    You can benchmark the internet if you want, most people will recommend our partner M3Server which is efficient and secure. They allow adult content and offer free SSL certificate (https).

    An important part of our 7000 customers are using M3Server or Adult Web Hosting Pro for their domain and got their first hosting month at a lower price thanks to our partnership.

    Now you have to install WordPress.

    Today most hosts install WordPress automatically on your site. This is the case with our partner M3Server which will also install for WP-Script for free.

    Of course you can install it manually, but we recommend you to follow a tutorial on internet to make sure you do everything right.

    3. Turn your WordPress into an Adult Tube Site
    Whether you are a beginner, advanced or WordPress expert, the WP-Script Themes have been developed for everyone. No developing knowledge is required to make a real Adult tube.

    All you need to do is activate one of our themes such as RetroTube to turn your WordPress into a real adult site.

    Why choosing our themes?
    Our themes are visually attractive and look professional thanks to a great display of your videos on the theme. With our themes, your visitors won't think they arrived on a cheap Adult tube like.


    WP-Script Themes are SEO friendly, very fast to load for your visitor. But the most important point is that all our themes are easily customizable.

    The theme options menu is directly integrated in your WP-Script plugin navigation from your WordPress admin so that you can modify what you want thanks to a user-friendly interface.

    Which theme should you choose among Retrotube, KingTube and UltimaTube?

    There are some small differences between the themes in terms of options. But the main difference between is the design so you can make your choice depending on your niche or simply on your own taste.

    I strongly recommend you RetroTube theme to start. It's definitely our most popular & most sold adult wordpress theme that features the more options.

    On top of that, RetroTube is in our starter pack offer that includes 2 essential products you need to create your adult site at the best price.


    How to install Retrotube in few simple clicks?
    Let's pretend you already installed the WP-Script Core (free & compulsory to install Retrotube).

    You bought your starter pack? Perfect, now you will turn your WordPress into a tube site in a simple way!

    4. Add P0RN videos to your adult site
    Congratulations! You have now your own adult videos site ! But it looks empty right ? And there is nothing more unbearable than adding videos, one by one.

    We have the solution to that: use an embedder to mass import adult videos

    An embedder? What is this?
    Except if you are a movie producer, you will need to fill your tube with relevant Adult videos that suits your audience. An embedder is the easiest way to retrieve tons of videos from popular adult sites.

    WP-Script has different embedder plugins that both have their qualities.

    But the best way to start is to use WPS Mass Embedder (included in the starter pack)

    This WordPress plugin allows you to get thousands of videos from 50+ different adults Tubes in a easy way from the biggest Adult tubes including xHamster, Xvideos, P0rnhub, Redtube, Youp0rn, DrTuber, eP0rner, Txxx, XNXX...

    Watch in video how it works

    Make a pre-selection before importing videos
    It allows you to choose exactly which videos and which data you want to import. All videos thus recovered are saved in WordPress posts (title, embed player code, thumbnails, duration, tags and actors) avoiding duplicate posts !

    Look how it's simple to use
    Select a tube source among the 50+ popular tubes you will get the videos from:

    Then you select a category that will suits your audience (your niche) OR you can enter keyword:

    Click on search videos and the plugins will find all the videos related to the keyword you've chosen!

    Now you can select/deselect the videos you want and import it as WordPress posts:

    In a nutshell, the clear and intuitive interface of this plugin allows you to easily find partner videos according to their categories or any keywords you want and you can search for new videos in each saved search, manually or automatically (auto-pilot is integrated as you can see below).

    With auto-pilot function, you can import the new videos uploaded on the source day after day automatically without your intervention.

    The videos are linked to each other like classic posts thanks to the categories, the keywords and the actors (when this data is available), resulting in good internal links for the best SEO which is the crux of getting traffic.

    SEO basics to get traffic
    Reach a high rank on Google to get more traffic is crucial and you'll have to dedicate most of your time on SEO.

    That's why WPS Mass Embedder is useful, you will earn precious time by mass importing videos with auto-pilot, and at the same time it allows you to change videos information (title, descriptions, tags...) to avoid duplicated.

    1st rule: Avoid duplicated content
    Make your videos unique! You must work on the text content in order to be seen by Google because Google want their results to show unique content only. You will be drowned in the mass if you don't rewrite titles and descriptions into a unique content that suits your audience because your traffic will find first the original source from which you took the videos. Now, you can multiply this by the number of other sites that also took the video without rewriting the text content.

    Rewrite titles (approximately with 40-60 characters) and never take the generic one. Every single video should have its unique single title and description (and also thumbnail). I advise you to embed videos gradually and rewrite them one after one.

    Yes, this work is boring but absolutely necessary if you want to stand out and generate quality traffic.

    2nd rule: A fast site is the key
    A visitor expects a site to load in less than 3 seconds before he leaves without even reaching your landing page. Having a fast site is compulsory for several reasons:

    • Your Adult traffic will spend much more time on your adult tube site if pages and videos are fast to load. More videos watched = more money for you and a better ranking.
    • Google likes fast sites. Having a fast site gives you a better ranking. No need to be SEO expert to know that a fast site will always be preferred over a slow one by search engines. About UX, a fast site is the first thing that visitors expect from a website. You can see your traffic increasing by 30% just by taking care of this important SEO aspect.
    A cache plugin is compulsory to greatly improve the speed of navigation on your site, you can choose between W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache which are the 2 most popular plugins in this niche.

    Why do you need one of these plugins? (please note that it's a recommendation, we do not have partnership with these plugins).

    In few words, WordPress is using PHP language. When a visitor comes to your site, WordPress runs PHP scripts and display it to the visitor. This whole process affects the speed of your page.

    A cache plugin eliminates this by storing a version of the page in a “cache” so that WordPress won't have to run PHP scripts everytime your traffic visits a page. Thus, your site becomes faster.

    Don't hesitate to check the results of your work on PageSpeedInsights a useful link by Google that gives you a score indicator about your site speed.

    3nd rule: Improve your overall SEO
    To improve your site performance, here is the must-have plugin that every WordPress users just can't do without them:

    Yoast SEO: Our themes are SEO ready and compatible with Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin helps you to get a solid toolset in order to aim a better spot in the search results by optimizing your text content.

    For example, it can tell you that a keyword must be present in your video description for it to be effective. It gives you great analysis of your content so that you know which modifications you need to apply to get a better SEO. The most interesting thing about Yoast SEO is that the free version is so complete that you won't even have to look after the premium one.

    Make money with your adult site
    All these steps were made with the purpose of only one thing: doing tons of money without leaving our chair right ? Here's how with affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing is definitely the easiest and surest way to earn money with Adult.

    You may have found it difficult to understand exactly what it means, for every blog or tutorial assumes that everybody is well acquainted with this method.

    For those won't are not quite sure what adult affiliate programs are, let's take a look at the actors :

    The sponsor : he is the one providing the product, be it a premium website, a penis-enlarging medicine, sextoys, DVDs or a date. He gives you a link and you earn a commissioneach time a consumer follow it and purchase an object or a service.

    The publisher : in our case, it is you. The publisher is charged with displaying advertisement for the sponsor, and do what he can to ensure that it will generate clicks – and hence, money. To make sure this will be profitable, he has to make sure his website gets an important traffic, and that the ads are visible enough for consumers to notice them.

    The consumer : the surfer is your target. He is the one you need to convince to click on your sponsor's ad so he can purchase his product or subscribe to his offer. You will get paid for each transaction going through your Adult site.

    In other words...
    You create a niched site with quality content and sponsor ads...

    ...to generate lot of traffic that will click on ads...

    ...you earn a commission on each product bought by one of your visitor.

    Let's see more specifically how it works:

    You are the publisher and you will make money by putting advertising on your Adult tube.

    Step 1: Choose an adult network
    An adult network creates the link between the sponsor (companies that want to sell their services/products) and you.

    There are multiple adult network, here are the famous ones:

    • CrakRevenue
    • TrafficJunky
    • ExoClick
    • JuicyAds
    • TrafficForce
    • TrafficFactory
    Step 2: Put advertising on slots
    The ads from the adult network will be displayed on your theme ad slots.

    To put the ads on your theme, go to your account, create a campaign and copy the generated code (we use Exoclick for example):

    Then go to your WP-Script dashboard -> Theme options -> Advertising. And paste the code in the slot you want to display the advertising in:

    Note that you can also display ads directly on the video player!

    Niche & Affiliate offers
    No one wants to be invaded by irrelevant tons of advertising. That's what happens on generic Adult tube. Your niche is important, most of the adult affiliate network allow you to display products ads that are linked the niche you want to feature. For example if you adult tube is a femdom niche, it can be great to put strapon toys ads.

    This way, your conversion rate will be more important as the product advertised is directly link to your niche fetish.

    Send traffic to the biggest tubes
    Big Adult sites like P0rnhub actually encourage you to feature their videos on your website provided that you bring up traffic to their network. For example with tubes from Hub network (P0rnhub, Youp0rn, Redtube, etc.), they pay you up to $3.5 per one thousand visitors: HubTraffic

    You have all the keys to launch your tube perfectly. How to choose the niche, which domain, how to do the basic SEO, we gave you everything you need to know to start your niched adult tube.

    Keep in mind that it's not difficult to make money with adult site, lot of people generate interesting passive income from this business. But it requires to invest some time in the beginning (like 1 or 2 hours a day) to build up a well-established Adult tube business.

    Before you go, don't miss the starter pack offer. As we saw previously, RetroTube & WPS Mass Embedder are definitely the best tools to start your adult site without investing tons of money!

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    xxvengers Affiliate affiliate

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  4. ClickWD

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    Interesting guide. Thanks for the share @xxvengers
  5. tsc

    tsc Affiliate affiliate

    That's an interesting guide - thanks for posting it.
    I dabbled in the adult sphere years ago with limited success (it was just a side-project at the time). Still, was fun.
    I'd consider doing it again I think.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  6. Graybeard

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  7. lookfaan

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    What "The Ultimate Guide" means?
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    a superlative 'bestest best' :)
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  9. Granifyn

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    It should be really something usefull if it will teach you how to do great site here anyway for something like few hundreds of dollars anyway and that's really it. Do what you want to and follow the guide. Basically you will install some ready made WP plugin here. But you need to customise videos very well.
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  10. Andy_B

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    really comprehensive introduction- thanks