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How to set up and launch your own products on JVZoo!!



I am well aware that there´s plenty of tutorials that explain the process, but this one is of my authority ;) and it is very short and practical; hope you like it.

In a nutshell , this is what you have to do:

1.-Create a product:

it can be a software , course, ebook or anything you can sell.

2.- Sign up:

Register at JVZoo head to the seller´s dashboard and list your product . The process is very easy , the complex part if you are not coding savvy is the creation of a sales page.


3.-Create a sales page:

Here I recommend you to go to Fiverr and buy a gig regarding sales page creation, price will range between $40 to 200 maximum , afterwards you need to host it on the hosting of your preference.


4.-Final details:

Try to establish a reasonable price that allows you to earn a good amount of money when subtracting the affiliates commission and JVZoo fees. Also set up a 60% commission rate so that you attract more marketers for promoting your product (s).

5.- Decide:

You can either sit back and wait to see the outcome of your listed product (s) or complement it with your own marketing plan .


Thanks for your time and I hope this guide was useful for you.

Disclaimer: This guide is absolutely personal, therefore subject to the possibility of being discussed and refuted under other criteria.


Easy boss!!
Some of us have a real job and are not infront of a PC all day.
Question replied.
Best regards.

:D Point taken, I wasn't sure anybody could answer that question. Thought it might be like asking which network is the best, or which offers.