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How to Promote your Mobile App

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Endive-Software, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Endive-Software

    Endive-Software Affiliate affiliate

    Interesting and Very Useful Tips to Promote your App-

    1) App For Review- After Creating your app you have to submit your app for review. Many People judge your app according to the Review which you are getting.

    2) Social Networking- Share your App information on all the social platform like- facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, etc.

    3) Create Website/Landing Page- After creating a new website insert some Keyword for SEO.Include some Video and Screenshot so that people will know about your app.

    4) Advertise your app- Advertise your app by ads, PPC Campaign etc.

    5) Create Free and Paid Version- Benefit of creating both types of App is when people like your free app then advise them to choose your paid app in which he/she get more functionality.
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  3. Deepika Gabani

    Deepika Gabani Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing, really its useful ..
  4. Hostingsafety

    Hostingsafety Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks it was great sharing