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How to monetize your Website?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by brainbomb, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. brainbomb

    brainbomb Guest

    Lets discuss simple and easier ways to monetize your website and getting more traffic.
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  3. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    Simple ways to get more traffic:

    - Use social media to promote your content.
    - Bookmark your content or get your readers to bookmark your content. If your content is great, you can outsource the bookmarking.
    - Get your site list on directories.
    - Use SEO to get search engine traffic.
    - Find out where your target audience "hangs out" online and join them there.
    - Answer questions on forums, Question and answer sites and social media.
    - Do some blog commenting.

    Simple ways to Monetize a website
    - Affiliate marketing.
    - Selling services or products you create.
    - Ads.
    - Ask for donations.
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  4. brainbomb

    brainbomb Guest

    Hi Smithee, I agree with you. Any more paid suggestion which will bring a quick result?

  5. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    Okay, so the crux of the statement is monetizing a site as well as getting traffic. Two separate discussions. I don't see anything as easier or harder. Those are limitations in my experience.

    Monetizing a site will, in many ways, will be in part reliant on what the core of the site is. For example, social marketing in the dating niche can be extremely challenging and often unrewarding as well as ineffective because many of the top dating sites one might promote are in direct relationship now with the social ad platforms who then limit marketers and often prevent marketers from promotions within that niche on the platform. My point being that one must customize the marketing strategies, tactics, and methods based on what the core of the site may be. In addition, these tactics, strategies, and methods must be customized to the device on which they are utilized.

    Top site monetizing practices include:
    • Making Affiliate Sales
    • Brokered Ad Rotations (like Adsense)
    • Selling Ad Space
    • Selling Your Own Digital Product
    • Sponsored Posts & Articles
    • Lead Gen For Other Companies
    • List Building For Email Promotions
    • Sell Through Your Own Online Storefront
    • Provide A Subscription For Premium Content
    • Add A Continuity Program To The Site
    • Offer Your Professional Services
    • Use Content Lockers
    • Create A Paid Directory With Business Pages
    Top Traffic Options For a Website

    Free Methods (Free methods cannot be considered to be anything more than tertiary traffic sources, they aren't targeted)
    • Social Media Sites
    • Article Submissions
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • ASO (App Store Optimization)
    • Blog & Forum Footer Links
    Paid Methods (These are available in various combinations with SE's, Social Platforms, High Profile Sites, Forums, etc.)
    • PPC (This is the big kahuna)
    • Pay Per Call (For those local Services)
    • PPV (Pay Per View)
    • CPM (Pay Per Thousand)
    • Media Buying
    • Solo Ads
    • Sponsored Posts
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  6. Smithee

    Smithee Affiliate affiliate

    Ads I suppose would bring faster results because only people who are interested in buying whatever it is you are advertising will click on the ad. Posting an ad on niche forums or certain blogs where your customers may be found would get even better results because the ads will be seen solely by a target audience you are certain is interested.
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  7. dzoapps

    dzoapps Affiliate affiliate

    Create social media profile with effective content, image and video. Write a relevant content for your all web pages and post blog and content regularly on social media.
  8. brainbomb

    brainbomb Guest

    Thanks guyz for sharing Ideas...
  9. brainbomb

    brainbomb Guest

    Very useful advice indeed thanks for sharing.
  10. Steve Mark

    Steve Mark Affiliate affiliate

    all idea is good but all of you guys forgetting guest posting technique this technique very perfect for getting niche traffic and backlink.
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  11. brainbomb

    brainbomb Guest

    Well said Steve. Guest posting is very useful indeed.
  12. roycpo

    roycpo Affiliate affiliate

    Using Google Webmaster and analytic tool.
  13. Webliquids

    Webliquids Affiliate affiliate

    ways to Monetize your website
    - Do Affiliate marketing.
    - Selling services and products you create through website.
    - Post Ads
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  14. Tarini

    Tarini Affiliate affiliate

    Very good information. thanx for sharing
  15. Tarini

    Tarini Affiliate affiliate

    - Make good social media presence.
    - Use SEO techniques to get search engine traffic.
    - Join discussion forums and answer the questions.
    - Do some blog commenting.
    - Book mark your content
  16. Tarini

    Tarini Affiliate affiliate

    very informative. Well said
  17. Kathylum

    Kathylum Affiliate affiliate

    Let us know how it goes! =)
  18. Deewan

    Deewan Affiliate affiliate

    The easiest ways to get free traffic is through social media. It's almost instant and easier than the normal SEO.
  19. JH1nz

    JH1nz Affiliate affiliate

    Just a little tid-bit for those who may not know this; there's a site called IFTTT(If This Than That) that allows you to connect all your social media accounts so that you can perform 1 action, and it will automate the rest. For example, if you post on your Facebook page, a tweet will be sent on Twitter, a pin will be made on Pinterest, and a post on Google+. This certainly helps to save time, and could potentially help in gaining more traffic faster.
  20. J.Robin

    J.Robin Affiliate affiliate


    Grеаt quеstiоn. Thеrе is nо оnе-sizе-fits-аll аnswеr аnd thеrе аrе mаny suссеssful mоdеls thаt yоu соuld еxреrimеnt with, vаrying frоm аd suрроrtеd, аffiliаtе mоdеls (whiсh yоu рrоbаbly аlsо wоrk with), frееmium, аnd оn аnd оn.

    Аdvеrtising is рrоbаbly thе right stаrting роint fоr yоu аnd thе mоst lоgiсаl nеxt stер frоm Аdwоrds is tо imрlеmеnt Gооglе's DоublеСliсk fоr Рublishеrs - Smаll Businеss

    DFРSB is аn аd sеrvеr thаt is tightly intеgrаtеd with Аdwоrds аnd аllоws yоu tо trаffiс yоur оwn аd tаgs аnd sеt thе рriоrity in suсh а wаy thаt Аdwоrds саn соmреtе with thе рriсing оf thоsе аds.

    Yоu shоuld аlsо lооk intо аffiliаtе рrоgrаms likе: Соmmissiоn Junсtiоn, Gооglе Аffiliаtе Nеtwоrk аnd Linkshаrе.

    Gооd luсk.
  21. henrylos

    henrylos Affiliate affiliate

    (SEM) search engine marketing grabs the attention of your audience at the right time. It’s easy and quick to implement. It helps raise brand awareness.