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How to made $7581 in 30 days with only 1 hour a day!

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by shubhamom1, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. shubhamom1

    shubhamom1 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello sweet guys!

    I am showing you how I made in 30 days alot of money!
    I worked only 1 hour each day and this is the proofs :


    Now , how you do it too ?
    you never going to earn like me :) but maybe you will earn some $3000 thats be nice.

    3 things you need to know about big-themes.com
    1. They are selling premium wordpress themes and plugins.
    2. they paying 90% every sale you bring for them with your refer link !
    3. they paying to your bank account / PayPal .

    ill tell you 3 of my secrets , buy first you need to register to big-themes.com website :

    please use my refer link it be nice :)
    Big Themes - Premium Wordpress Themes | big-themes.com

    or clean link :
    Big Themes - Premium Wordpress Themes | big-themes.com

    step 2 :
    register to the website

    step 3 :
    read this page :
    Big Themes - Premium Wordpress Themes | big-themes.com

    step 4:
    get your affiliate link , your link should be like this :
    if you know what you're doing, simply add big-themes.com/ref=username to the URL's query string, replacing username with your own username.

    After we got it , we starting promoting it!
    my 3 secrets to promote is :

    1. Facebook Wordpress Groups . - this is very good traffic that buying what you promoting.
    2. Wordpress Forums .
    3. Offer themes for your wordpress customers.

    If you have any question just ask me ;-)
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  2. adcombo
  3. Acura

    Acura Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Nice post very good idea. I would try collecting the users emails then you can promote more then just the 1 product.
  4. Neo0707

    Neo0707 Member affiliate

  5. WaveKid

    WaveKid Affiliate affiliate

    Hey buddy, what a cool original tutorial you put together. I liked the concept a lot! :confused:
    Yea I believe this is safe with FB. You can create a quick landing page for this, however you can also just try it out first with your big-themes.com link for split testing different ideas and areas! :)
  6. Neo0707

    Neo0707 Member affiliate

  7. kenyan

    kenyan Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the tutorial. I registered with Big Themes, and I created a landing page using Wix - getbigthemes That being said, I can't seem to locate Facebook WordPress groups. Do you have any tips on which groups to specifically look for? Any search tips with regard to good traffic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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