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how to attract more users for the app?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by ASOtop1, May 23, 2016.

  1. ASOtop1

    ASOtop1 Banned affiliate

    What you can do to rank your app higher among millions of apps?
    - Why not buy organic installs/reviews from users?
    - Why not exchange installs/reviews with other publishers?
    - Why not try app store optimization?
    - Why not do paid ads such as CPI?

    If you want to boost app marketing, you of course need to try methods which may help it.

    After you realize the importance of ASO, you will come to thank my post. Ahhaha ..

  2. terraleads
  3. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    For you to have an application that will attract more users, you definitely need to have you app designed and developed very well. I will say hat the best thing is after you have made the app user friendly, then you can be able to share it on social media platforms. Optimization is another key thing that will make your app rank higher. Find the key words and do the magic.
  4. ASOtop1

    ASOtop1 Banned affiliate

    Yeah, absolutely agree with. App quality is the key factor to boost its market. Then try any methods to promote it. But all the traffic should be organic otherwise it will do harm to the app.
  5. williamjohn

    williamjohn Affiliate affiliate

    Promote your app in the app store
    Make your app interesting
    Submit your app in the app review sites
    Social network and Website Banner Ads
  6. ASOtop1

    ASOtop1 Banned affiliate

    Yeah, you are also right. The most important factor affecting app sales is app quality. Besides good quality, App Store Optimization is essential also hard to get good results.
    Keyword optimization and organic installs are good experience on platforms such as our service ASOtop1

    Reviews exchange from website or Store is a way while it will take far longer time to get the result.

    But to be honest, social media has no much effect. Paid ads is worth trying.

  7. themarketinggirl

    themarketinggirl Affiliate affiliate

    Good design and a good name will catch a viewer's attention, and is essential for being a successful mobile app. But after launch, getting reviewed and having a consistent amount of installs will help your app gain momentum. Games are a hard sell on social media. That's not where people go to find new games.

    Try a paid install service to really get the ball rolling and get a higher ranking in the app store. Installappspro.com is a pretty cheap service for paid installs. There are also a lot of gaming podcasts nowadays, which would also be a great way to promote your app. You can use social media to find popular shows and try to get them to use your app and talk about it.
  8. ASOtop1

    ASOtop1 Banned affiliate

    You are right!
  9. TouTrixAnn

    TouTrixAnn Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    these days, its always the social media that works. but this still depend to how good you app is. start by paid install service and then the social media marketing.
  10. Marshal Nosa

    Marshal Nosa Affiliate affiliate

    App store is the best place to promote your app. Also share with your friends online
  11. Dustin Barruela

    Dustin Barruela Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Okay. Yeah, your app is good. Its all optimized and all. But attracting the more users is the big question here.

    Your Ad should also be compelling and should look really good. How else are you going to share your app? Scout other apps that has the same function as yours. research on how their ads look like then casually-kind of imitate their style.

    Also, whats in it for them? How big is your audience? Will the cost from advertising pay off from the market you targeted.
    Its not a walk in the park but it certainly is rewarding at the end.
  12. ASOtop1

    ASOtop1 Banned affiliate

    App Store Optimization is the best way to do app marketing. Especially for new app, it must rank beyond the search list. At this moment, publishers can buy installs via keyword search related to the app. This is called Keyword Search Optimization and will help app rank higher in App Store search results.

    Of course, social media is also a way while the result is varied.

    Paid ads like CPI is also good way.



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