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Hi there.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Trameil Ellis, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Trameil Ellis

    Trameil Ellis Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    How's it going?

    I'm not too good at these introductory thingies, so I'll just drop the facts. loll

    Who I Am: Just somebody trying to break free of the chains of trading his time making an employer thousands while I am given peanuts for it.

    How I Found The Forum: Searching CPA+Blackhat in quotes and digging through the results. And no, I'm not into fraudulent traffic. After looking at Noah's video guide, I decided to register and stick around. If anything, I'll focus on staying in this forum and save myself from information overload burnout.

    My Internet Marketing Experience: I've been more or less staring at the computer screen for 4 years and taking action when I could (or whenever I take action). I've done a little of everything, mastered nothing. SEO, PPC, Facebook, yeah. Blackhat forums = EXTREME lack of focus, if you're not careful.

    How Much Money Have I Made In Four Years: MILLIONS- no. I've made 30 bucks from Amazon (not enough to cash out) and 75 bucks from CPA via PPC (not enough to cash out, I also spent about 400 bucks to make that 75 dollars). Oh, and I made 6 dollars running facebook ads. Thanks, gurus. And while the money ran out, I looked at it as paying my tuition. At least I know what not to do, now. But it also made me kinda.... leery about spending money to make money. But I have that 100 dollar voucher sitting there collecting dust... And running a 10 dollar facebook ad campaign can't be all that serious a strain on even my paltry finances.

    My Goals: Make a consistent dollar. From there, make a consistent 70 dollars a day. I'm not ashamed to say that I only make 67 dollars a day after taxes. Its not even fast food. lol Then, 3000 a month. From there, I'll prolly branch off into the wholesale/retail business. Who knows?

    What I have: Hosting, few domains collecting dust, about 6 verified facebook accounts, 3 CPA accounts (peerfly, WolfStormMedia, Envyus Media), MSN PPC account, Adwords account, 100 dollar adwords voucher, scrapebox, Article Marketing Robot, a head full of guru guides, loooots of free time. If I can't make money with this and some focus, then maybe I need to hang it up? lol

    My First Steps: Possibly set up PPC campaign using the voucher once I get off work, since I've been inspired by Noah's vids to do so. I also plan to use some facebook marketing using some fanpages and Facebook PPC. Peerfly... seems to frown upon this.

    Why I'm here: I'm gonna stay away from blackhat sites and especially their download sections for a bit. lol I'll share my ups and downs and help out where I can. Most of my knowledge is theoretical, though. I'll keep that to myself.

    Soooo... if you read all of that, then it's nice to meet you.

    See you in a bit.
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  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Great thread, and welcome

    it seems to me you want the money but you want it quick - that doesn't happen what you have done already is great but you need to slow down - $6 on Facebook is fine, but you need to find out exactly what made you that $6 - scale it and test and then work on it until you double it - then double that, you see what I'm saying?

    you're at the right place start a case study - read the book and welcome!
  4. Trameil Ellis

    Trameil Ellis Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Hey, K. Nice place you got here.

    ANd yeah, I'm working on my lack of patience. lol