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Hi , Review of My Website

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Music Sense, May 6, 2017.

Hows my website?

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  1. Music Sense

    Music Sense Affiliate affiliate

    Hi my name is Saena.Ni i am admin of musicsense.club and here are some of my website details:
    • It is based on News/Blogging download center of songs, albums, music videos .
    • The options and activities are such as:
    • Permanent Direct download link and site-specific link for all of the songs, albums, Video clips that are available on the web site.
    • Temporary non-direct links for every all countries users (Based on IP address) .
    • Including a 30-second preview of album songs, available on the website plus the online listening scripts ..
    • Optimized-Responsive page view and its set to display the contents of the website in all kind of browsers , PC / Mobile / Tablet.
    • Include the latest website release of single songs, music videos on our telegram app specific channel with the dedicated preview songs as VOICE message.
    • Highest Quality as albums song: MP3 320Kbps & for the music videos: HD 720p + FHD 1080p.
    • Top albums/songs/official Music videos.
    • Latest & Oldest albums .
    • Discography.
    • Artists/Band quick information & some albums biographies are included.
    • The lyrics of songs and Music videos .
    • Fast and secure connection for download links , plus virus safe check.
    • SSL ready and verified for the website "HTTPS" musicsense.club
    Available job is :
    • Content writer.
    • Website-advertiser.
    • Telegram Channel Administrator.
    • Telegram advertiser.
  2. CPA Evolution