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Got domain name, Content Ideas?



Was just wondering if I could pick your brains for a bit. I recently got a good(?) domain name: I am wondering what I should do with it. Any ideas?


Linda Buquet

Well you could blog about SEO if you know alot about it, but you'd be up against some strong competition.

Need to be careful with domains that have brand names in them though.
The Trademark holder could take you to court, sue you or get it away from you after you put work into it, so you need to realize your efforts could be wasted. I'm not an attorney but I think having Google in a domain name could technically be considered cyber squatting. Not sure if Google goes after people that do it. But I personally wouldn't want to even risk having to go to court.

More info: Cybersquatting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


New Member
hmmm, the domain name would be okay if you were referring to the number google, but... Yeah, you might run into legalities there.

SEO website for sure.


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There is often a lot of confusion about that number since that is what Google was named after.

The number is 1 followed by one hundred zeros. However the correct spelling for the number is googol rather than google. Because of Google, most people are under the false impression that the number is spelled that way rather than the correct spelling of googol.

There are a few different stories as to why Google ended up being spelled Google rather than Googol. When they registered their name was already taken but was available. The was owned by Tim Beauchamp. He registered it in 1995.

Here is a link to 5 of the most common stories on the google spelling for that large number rather than the correct googol spelling. The above one is probably the correct one. 5 Different Stories About Google's Name

Here is a link to how they site looked in early 1998 Googolhedron

Here is where you will end up now when typing

Tim Beauchamp once had this to say about googol and google:
As the owner of, I would like to just add a bit of background to the Googol/Google names. I am sure that there was many things that went into the two founders choosing the name they did. I have had the domain for quite a few years, well before Google was even a search engine.

One evening, I got an email from the future founders of Google, saying that they were a couple Stanford Grad students and they were starting a search engine and they were wondering if they could buy my domain. My first though was that is sounded very much like something a couple other Stanford Grads had done (yahoo) and it sounded like they were a day late and a dollar short. I certainly did not intend on giving up for what I believed was a company that would never make it. I am glad to say, I was wrong about what they could do. What a great execution. In any case, they used Google instead and they have done a great job building what to date is a web revolution.

Congratulations to Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Great job. The only part I don't like, is that my web site loads like a dog from all the people who come to my site first because they go to the correct spelling of Googol.
The thing that is certain is that the correct spelling of that large number of googol. There are all types of stories as to the origin of Google.


Thanks for all the feedback.
There are alot of sites out there that have google in their address. Do you think I could get permssion and have a disclaimer saying that I am in no way affiliated to google?

Linda Buquet

I doubt you could get to the right person to get permission. Yep you could put a disclaimer and yep there are lots with G in the domain. That doesnt guarantee that Google will never come after it. So you can use it for sure, just letting you know there is some potential risk.

I had the domain 5starBestBuy for awhile. Not to be a Best Buy affiliate, just because of the generic phrase best buy. Thought it could make a good deal site or something. Ended up not renewing and let it go due to concerns that BestBuy could snap it up after I invested time and money developing. So maybe I'm just overly cautious, but I don't have time and energy to waste and spending time in court and money on attorneys is the last thing I want to ever have to deal with.
That's just me.