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Hello you very wonderful and intelligent people that make up this forum. I sincerely hope you are having a nice weekend.

I please wondered i had a small Chinese lantern website that sells various products and i am looking to increase sales for the run up to Bonfire Night and the festive holidays. I kindly wondered how you go about trying to find the best converting keywords on Google please? For instance is there a tool you can use to test how much volume you can expect per keyword please? Lastly what is the main aim with Google PPC advertising, trying to get traffic to convert at the lowest price possibly please? If anyone kindly had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful it would be highly appreciated.

Sending you lots of good wishes and i truly hope you have massive success with your internet projects. The best of luck and all the very best to you.
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I'll advice you to use Google Keyword Planner to find high-converting keywords with search volume. In Google PPC advertising it is aim to drive traffic at the lowest cost to increase conversions in order to bring sales at profitable mark.