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Google penguin Algorithm

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by vaddavis, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. vaddavis

    vaddavis Affiliate affiliate

    I really need to know how to fully recover from Google penguin Algorithm Updates?
  2. Voluum
  3. printersupport

    printersupport Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, you are right Google trend will solve your problem
  4. bhupirana79

    bhupirana79 Affiliate affiliate

    Penguin: Released April 2012, this algorithm put tighter guidelines on website optimization and adjusted a number of web spam factors, including keyword stuffing, cloaking, unnatural links and content spinning.
    Contrary to popular belief, Google’s goal isn’t to run wild with algorithm updates and penalize every site until there are only 10 decent sites left. Google just wants to make the web a better place, and it does that by rewarding people who do things right. It’s been saying this all along, but people only seem to take notice when their analytics look something.
  5. tamialexander

    tamialexander Affiliate affiliate

    If you recover for this Penguin update so you can check your back link and back link is low quality so you can go webmaster tool and all low quality backlink remove (disavow) from webmaster tool.
  6. Mikeandy

    Mikeandy Affiliate affiliate

    Their are two way to recover your website from Penguin update, one is stop building low quality link and remove the previously created through webmaster tool and secondly try to build quality links so that can support and provide good link for the site.
  7. LizzieThomson

    LizzieThomson Affiliate affiliate

    I agree with Mikeandy,

    It takes time and a lot of effort to recover from a penguin penalty, its not an easy task. Some of our clients that's suffered this penalty due to black hat techniques have faced costs 10 times what they paid for the "cheap SEO" that caused the damage.

    You need to focus fully on showing Google your now playing the game and get quality links through quality, unique content. Assuming of course, you have spent time cleaning up the back links that caused the penalty in the first place.

    Create great content and spend as much time as did creating it, promoting it - if not more in the case of a penalty recovery. Then repeat, repeat, repeat with quality and unique content and focusing fully on a targeted and relevant link building strategy.

    As seen over the past few days, sites all over the globe are again seeing significant changes, Google has eventually began to roll out penguin 3.0! Good for many, bad for most!

    Its an uphill struggle to get back on track, sooner you start the better.

    Perhaps seeking the assistance of a SEO penalty recover specialist may be your best route, depending on how much work your able to put in.
  8. austen

    austen Affiliate affiliate

    It is better to Check google trends for latest upadates frequently so as to avoid penalizing website from google