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Google Christmas Gift


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Every year it is fun waiting and wondering what Christmas gift Google will be sending. Each year they seem to come up with something a little better.

This year the Google Christmas gift is a digital photo frame. Along with it comes batteries, a power cord, international power adapter and a mini USB cable.

There is a 960x240 screen. It supports AVI movies, MP3, JPG images and WMA or WAV audio files.

This really is an impressive gift from Google. It also gives a little extra attention to Google since the Google Christmas gifts seem to attract attention.

As with a lot of other things, Google doesn't give out very much information about how they determine who receives the Christmas gift. However many have taken a guess at it.

There is a rather special feeling in receiving the Google Christmas gift since not everyone gets one.

I've already starting trying to guess what the Google Christmas gift will be in 2007 even though that is a year away. They keep getting better. They might soon be giving away televisions, cars and houses for Christmas gifts. Well, that might be expecting a little too much.