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German CPA Affiliate Network

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Stefan T, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Stefan T

    Stefan T Affiliate affiliate

    We are going to plan a German/Austria/Switzlerand Private CPA network.
    Our plan in a few details:
    - Using Hasoffers for the tracking software
    - Offshore company
    - Payouts only via Wire transfer
    - Use a CPA network from US/UK.. with a lots of German/Austrian/Switzerland offers and use "my" affiliate link?!(Allowed?)
    - Budget between $5000 and $10000
    - Only want to use 10 to 50 offers
    - Support via Skype

    My questions :
    - Good Idea ? ,haha
    - Offshore company, and Bank Acc ? where ?
    - Best Network for German Network offers ?
    - Tracking Software ?
    - Partnership with CPA networks possible ? (Outsourcing a CPA network?..Translate all Infos,new Design..etc.)

    P.S sorry for my bad english :( I try to proof it lol.

    Best regards
  2. AffBank
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Ok from the sounds of things you are looking to start a network - fine, now i know my fair share but i'll try get some network owners in to answer this but here my 2 cents,

    - Good Idea ?
    To start a network - maybe no, there are a lot of new has offers networks and because its so easy to set one up people think they can make them work - 50% last less than 6months the other 50% are either lucky or very well marketed.
    Although if you target your network its ALOT better - you won't be able to compete with the big boys in every field but in your field maybe.

    - Offshore company, and Bank Acc ? where ?
    Maybe ask James from 007 - they have offshore accounts etc but I'm not sure where.

    - Best Network for German Network offers ?
    You'll have to do your research, most big networks will have these but you'll have to ask hasoffers and get some decent advertisers - maybe go direct!

    - Tracking Software ?
    Again I'm not sure whats best here for your sort of network.

    - Partnership with CPA networks possible
    Maybe a big network would go in silently on the side as they could provide the offers and you could do the work.
  4. Tim Burd

    Tim Burd Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    1. Your budget isnt high enough in case you dont get paid because you send bad traffic or your affiliates arent vetted properly.
    2. If the affiliate network your going through is in the US/CA they still must abide by the law and anything your doing, if illegal, wouldnt fly no matter where in the world you are.
    3. Support via skype ONLY isnt enough, many people have other messengers.
    4. Even if you went direct, if the advertiser themselves arent out of the US or Canada, the advertiser is still subject to the applicable country laws.
    5. I personally really like hasoffers dedicated although the pro and enterprise versions arent too bad. The biggest thing is getting the dedi ip, custom ssl, and dedicated DNS solution they offer for even pro or enterprise. Besides hasoffers id say linktrust or cake would be next best.
    6. Hope you know what your doing! Running a cpa network successfully is more work than most people think but I wish you the best of luck :). Hope what ive contributed is helpful to you
  5. 007CPA James

    007CPA James Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys,

    Let me start with a quick point of clarification that begs to be said... and very, very misunderstood... let me cap it to drive it home:


    Hasoffers is simply a tracking software. It's often said "a hasoffers network"... which really means nothing, but in many minds IS something... which is false or at the very least, mostly false. Now, due to their low entry price-point, there appears correlational "proof" that lower quality or upstart (i.e. risky) networks tend to use hasoffers (maybe that's true, but that has nothing to do with networks using hasoffers generally speaking). Some of the best networks use hasoffers... and again, hasoffers is just the tracking software, NOTHING more. Further, and a credit to hasoffers, it is the best tracking software in my opinion. I have used Link Trust, Direct Track, CakePHP, and none of them come close in performance.

    While we're on the subject then... A practical bit of advice then for publishers and affiliates (If not judge on hasoffers, then what/how?): regardless of which tracking software a network uses (hasoffers or other), you need to look into the network itself (past performance, owners, etc. and not the software they use), and at the very least send small bits of traffic to allow the network to prove it's customer support and ability to pay. However, you should never judge a network based on it's using hasoffers, or any other tracking software really (would be like judging a company because of the bank it uses).

    Now, to the other stuff... we are all ignorant in many ways... so rather than assume that a German+ niche for a network is too narrow, I'll ask why it appears to be a solid one...

    Are there significant amounts of German+ publishers (or publishers interested in German+ only campaigns)?
    Is there enough German+ traffic all on its own?
    Are there sufficient numbers of offers across enough verticals for German traffic only?
    To the point, is there are good reason to restrict 1) publishers 2) offers 3) traffic to just Germany? In other words, is there good reason to focus on this to the exclusion of everything else? Maybe there is... I don't know... better to ask.

    (you don't have to answer all questions... just driving to the "meat" of it)

    Anyway, I understand the importance of a valid and viable "niche" as a CPA network, so it's good that you are thinking on how to be different, and bring value due to that difference.

    I don't mean to say that this won't work, I'm just trying to understand in order to give better advice. It certainly all starts with defining your sector of CPA action.

    Let me know, James
  6. Stefan T

    Stefan T Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for your answers!
    Our goal is it to work with 20-30 customers . This should be a very small private network.
    But I will think about everything.....
    Best regards
  7. Stefan T

    Stefan T Affiliate affiliate

    We are going to start our network in march!
    We are also developing our OWN system and it is ready 60%
    The next part is to built our own custom fraud detection script.
    So what we have to include ? Finished tasks : Ip-Check (Proxy System) , Mouse Cursor checking,Check Referrer,Check Cookie.. so which tasks we also have to do ? Maybe you can tell me a few things about it ?
    Thank you very much!
  8. 007CPA James

    007CPA James Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Stefan,

    Great to hear that you are excited and moving forward.

    However, I would highly recommend that you do not create your own system, especially as an entrance into running a network. There are simply too many things that can go wrong, and likely will go wrong. Unless you are able to run high volumes of your own traffic (to not use your pubs as guinea pigs) and address each and every issue that arises before going public, you are likely going to experience countless issues that could/would jeopardize your network as a whole.

    It really doesn't matter how powerful/unique the features/functions of your system are, or at least matters much, much less than the performance of that system OVER TIME (i.e. 99.99% up-time for months and months). The largest tracking platforms, even years on, are still addressing performance issues and improving the way that databases handle and display information, including latency issues and lags in reporting. Somewhat attached to the code structure and its efficiency is the physical servers. You will need to get massive clustered servers in place (which can be very, very costly) to ensure that the system can handle high volumes of incoming/outgoing data.

    Again, I don't mean to discourage you, but I do want to be honest in my views. I think that this is many times larger, in both code and cost, than you would likely believe at this time. I think it is a monumental task to get this type of system/code not only to function, but to perform at high volumes... further, that the costs of servers will be massive to ensure this performance.

    It's not just your profits that you're risking with this, but it's the publishers earnings as well, and you'd want to be mindful of that. So, if the network revenue is only $1,000 an hour, your profit might only be $100, but for every hour your system is down, while you're only losing $100 your pubs are losing $900 (just one day down would then be only $2,400 in profit lost, but would be $21,600 in lost publisher earnings - many publishers send traffic and don't watch it after, so they could wake up to actual losses, where the traffic and cost of traffic was spent, with no return - so I'm not just talking about lost opportunity for your network and pubs, I'm talking about real financial damages). Would you be able/willing to compensate your publishers for your system failing? Either way, it wouldn't take too long for not only the pubs to move on, but to tell all their friends to avoid the network.

    Great idea, but I'd at least build this parallel with running a network on a trusted platform.

    Best of luck, James