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Ask Me Anything FunKeyword Keyword Tracking and Bid Management SaaS

Discussion in 'Pay Per View' started by FunKeyword, Jan 12, 2015.

Are you frustrated with managing your PPV advertising manually?

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  1. FunKeyword

    FunKeyword Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

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    Hello affiliates,

    I am very excited to announce we are accepting PPV Beta clients for our FunKeyword Keyword Bid Management SaaS. If you are spending over $5k a month you are welcome to submit a request. Spots are limited!
    FunKeyword has been developed to be an all round business advertising solution for advertisers/affiliates.

    What does this mean?

    One easy interface environment to create, manage, report and control all your advertising. You will seldomly ever visit your TrafficVance, 50onRed or RevenueHits accounts again.
    FunKeyword SaaS is working all the time to make the following elements gathered live at your disposal:
    • Across all your traffic sources - live... keyword bidding, keyword adding, campaign and creative creation, keyword costs import and much more. You will not need to look at your traffic source accounts.
    • Affiliate offers and conversions - API compatible with many affiliate networks such as ClickBank, W4, NeverBlue, MaxBounty, GrabAds, MindValley and all other Cake API compatible networks. This allows easy setup of advertising creatives and live conversion importing into the system for reporting and algorithmic calculations per keyword.
    * Tracking all your advertising through the FunKeyword router lets you see your traffic incoming live with all the information you would like. It is refreshing to be able to see how much each individual impression is costing on TrafficVance as it comes in.
    * Algorithmic bidding - FunKeyword knows all your costs per keyword and all your conversions per keyword. Using historical data and your own tweakable parameters our algorithms calculate every couple of minutes what your max bid should be ( this is not a simple calculation of the keyword's lifetime conversion because every keyword may go through trends which have to be taken into account ). This feature and its parameters are enabled and tweaked in a hierarchical way from account > target product > campaign_type > keyword (keyword trumps all). This means that FunKeyword knows how to handle your keyword bidding from keyword creation when it is virgin of stats until it gains enough historical data to make a quantified decision regarding the exact max bid. This obviously includes turning the keyword off if it does not convert. You can handle up to a million keywords before getting a call from me personally ( for all you pros out there... on 50onRed FunKeyword will bid on intext keywords on the lower value between your max bid and 50onRed's smart bid )
    * Daily Bidding Rules - FunKeyword knows the current bottom line net of every keyword at any given point. If a keyword's net earnings/losses in the current day of operation dips below your threshold then it will be stopped immediately and resumed the following day. This is a hierarchical parameter as well like most parameters in the system. This provides you maximum flexibility and keeps your budget safe from unexpected temporary spikes.
    * Reporting in FunKeyword is Fun, quick and intuitive in a way that has not been seen before. You can know anything you want about a Target product, Campaign_type, Keyword, Transaction in a second without leaving our one page interface:
    • want to know the daily, weekly, monthly stats of impressions, costs, conversions and net across your system? - done instantly
    • want to know the performance of all your keywords individually over all time sorted by absolute net? - done instantly
    • want to see the daily, weekly, monthly, overall stats of any keyword within any report you are in? - instantly done and in fact you can do this to any element including Target products and campaigns
    Do not take my word for it..... Play with a live account now instantly and watch the video showcase for a tutorial!

    Watch the FunKeyword reporting showcase:

    Everything I mentioned above is a reality! I know that upgrading to a spaceship is hard when you are currently riding a bicycle but we will help our first Beta clients through every step of the way to migrate to quantified results and growth. This will help us tweak the final administrative side of FunKeyword so it is available to everyone. You can contact me directly to apply or post any questions here and I will respond.


    [email protected]
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015
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  3. Baron

    Baron Affiliate affiliate

    How much will this tool cost as I checked the pricing page but you guys don't have it listed yet.

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