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Fast Service From Chitika


Yes, I know I've been dragging my feet signing up with Chitika but I finally caved in. All I can say is WoW! These ladies and gentleman are on it. Within 20 mins of submitting my application I was approved and in business. After all the "hoopla" and buzz on the net concerning Chitika I'm excited to see how well their service performs. If you're interested in checking them out here's the link...yes minus my referral code LOL. Laters.


I have been using Chitika for about 6 weeks or so now and have been very happy with them. I know some people got all starry-eyed initially and bailed at the first sign of trouble, but for me it has gotten nothing but better.

I think these ads work very well in certain segments. If you try to monetize every page of every site with them, then you might have issues. But some places where they fit in well and you can offer really targetted items I have had good luck.

Linda Buquet

Hi aeiouy,

Welcome to 5 star and thanks for weighing in on Chitika.

Stephen let us know how it goes. Always interested in hearing your feedback.

I'm not showing their ads on my blog, just promoting the affiliate program because I think it's a good option for certain types of sites.

If you want to check it out here is my affiliate link:

(Note since I own the forum I get to break my own rules and use affiliate links in my posts, but you can ignore them if you prefer!) :p